08 February 2024

Enshrouded Lore Overview

Written by Sarah-Maree

Ha! You’ve clicked into “reading the recipe”! Feel free to ignore me and scroll down to the “recipes”. It’s what you’re really here for anyway. It’s fine. Really. Lol

Enshrouded: Since I’ve been sick and paralyzed most days, even to the point of not being able to click a mouse or tap a keyboard key (rare, but it happens), I’ve taken up gaming whenever I can to escape reality. Someone else may as well reap the benefits of my obsession in finding all the Lore in the new game Enshrouded.

NOTE: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS - I won’t share Lore content, but the titles may give things away, and the photos may reveal things.

UPDATE February 17th, 2024

ALL Lore collected and recorded. If you see any missing, please let me know, and I'll work on finding it and uploading it! I've added some bonus material to the bottom of this page, too!

UPDATE February 16th, 2024

The only Lore I do NOT have (so far as I know) is Kindlewastes - The Scourge (1/1). Goodnight, fellow gamers!

Tip: Follow The Roads

Seriously, just follow the roads. Can’t get somewhere with a glider? Follow the roads. Can’t get out of the Shroud? Find a road and follow it to a dead end or follow it out. Can’t find a piece of Lore? I’m here to help! But also, I found them by following roads.

This guide isn’t complete – yet. I’m still searching. As of right now, I have 91 pieces of flare, I mean Lore! Lol. Anyway, I love reading game lore, and it’s something to do. I already have 100% on the shrines and Shroud Roots. So, you know I’m committed. Below is what I have so far. I’m working on documenting the ones I have, too. No worries, I’ve only screenshot the map, not the lore itself, so you’ll have to play to read the messages 😉

Tip: Accessing Lore

To access Lore, simply press J. You may have to press Esc key to get to the Journal overview page. Then, select Lore to look at what you have and what you’re missing.

The Recipe Part

Now onto the "recipe" part! I'm still working on getting everything screenshot and uploaded, so please be patient with me! Here is what I have thus far:


Ancients and the Flame

The Shroud, Elixir, and Elixir Well


Vukah and Wildlife

Nobles and History


Nomad Highlands



Max Comfort

Building a base at the "Blue Goblet" Tavern will give you a higher comfort level than building and crafting your own base. Some items may still need to be added, but the pre-built area has items players can't craft. Or so the rumors say. Currently, this location does not appear on the map, despite a pop-up saying the location was added (true as of February 16th, 2024).

Not Lore But Still Fun

Located in Balthazar's tower, the same one with his Mortar in the basement, there is a fun page to read. In the middle section of the Alchemist's tower is a page on the floor (I put my torch there so it was easier to see it on the ground). This doesn’t seem to be part of any Lore, but it was a fun read, nonetheless.

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