08 February 2024

Enshrouded The Shroud, Elixir, and Elixir Well Lore

Written by Sarah-Maree

The following is what I have for The Shroud, Elixir, and Elixir Well Lore in Enshrouded. NOTE: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS - I won’t share Lore content, but the titles may give things away, and the photos may reveal things. For an overview of what the heck I’m talking about, click here! Since I found most of these, they won’t glow red in the pictures, but they should glow red, like a fire, for you if you haven’t discovered them yet. If not, I’m sure the game developers would appreciate any feedback or hearing of any glitches, bugs, or malfunctions as this is an Early Access game - in that it isn’t fully finished and they are still working out some things. If you have any questions or tips for me, let me know in the comments! I’ll try to update often and with images to help guide you on your journey.

The Shroud, Elixir, and Elixir Well

A Rotten Core

1/1 Black Mold Behind A Dry Wall

Mayfair Lot is your spot to get to for this one! Head into the shroud at Umber Hollow. The house is near Ancient Spire - Nomad Highlands Fast Travel. Once there, head into the house (ignoring the ruins to the left) and up the stairs. The pages are on a table on the second floor / roof.

Sorcerer Ikora

1/3 Its Flesh Is Potent

This one is a quick glide from the Ancient Spire - Nomad Highlands Fast Travel. Head west into Rattlebleak. Turn left and you’ll see a glowing book on a pedestal. Behind the book is a building and the next two pieces of Lore.

2/3 A Hunger In The Dark

From the first piece of Lore, head into the building and turn right. You’ll see a glowing book on a bench. Be sure to take a peek at it before going down into the Enshrouded basement for the next piece of Lore in the series.

3/3 I Cried Out. The Void Answered.

From the Lore before this, head down into the basement. On a table is a piece of Lore. It does NOT like to glow, even for new players. Feel free to report the issue, as the game developers would like to know.

Elin’s Warning

1/1 The Walls Are Alive!

Follow the path from the Northern Caravan Camp located to the southeast of the Ancient Spire - Nomad Highlands Fast Travel and you’ll come across Brittlebush. Head straight in and down the stairs until you get to the railing. From there, you can see a temple-like structure to the left. This is the temple you seek. Inside is a note on a stake.

The Mysterious Wanderer Appears

1/2 I Must Protect The Weapon

This two-part Lore is found in Low Tide. It’s located close to the Shroud Root, in that you can see it from where the Shroud Root is (or was). After you complete the first part, stick around the place to finish the Lore off.

2/2 Staff Found

After completing the first part of the Lore, you’ll receive a quest and a quest marker for the second part. To the left of the first Lore, head into a cave system that leads up a golden chest. You’ll find the item Shroud Weaver (a staff) in the chest.

Kindlewastes Well Prospects

1/3 A Proposal

This Lore and the remaining two in the series can all be found in the Kindlewastes Elixir Wells. (Not all Elixir Wells will have Lore.) This one is a bit far from the Ancient Spire - Kindlewastes Fast Travel, but it can be done. Sapphire Strand is the nearest thing I could give as a reference point, particularly since Elixir Wells and Shroud Roots aren’t exactly unique enough. If you arrive by road, head for the tell-tale spires and keep right. There’s a building with two flimsy wooden walls and a red glowing book behind it. Hack the boards, blast the boards, bomb it all, or hop around if you don’t want to ruin the aesthetics. Either way, the Lore is yours!

2/3 You Fool

This Lore is located near Brittlebush in the Kindlewastes at an Elixir Well. Once at the well, head for the revival point and look around for the telltale red glow, which is easier to spot at night. Then, follow the wall protruding out from the Well until you see a grapple spot, sling yourself over, and read the interesting tale, or simply add this book to your collection of Lore.

3/3 Costner Meyers’s Powerful Elixir

Located at the Elixir Well in the southern part of the Kindlewastes. The Ancient Spire – Kindlewastes Fast Travel is probably the quickest route there. The Lore is a book leaning on a stack of books on top of a wooden platform with a small crane. How tricky of it, blending in like that! Anyway, if you follow the road it’ll eventually pass by this platform.

Ruined Netherton

1/1 Ruin Has Come To Our Family

This Lore is found in Netherton. It’s located north of the Ancient Spire - Low Meadows Fast Travel. The Shroud makes it a bit difficult to find the exact building, but it is along a road, at least. Keep following the path and there will be a building with a fence and a note pinned to a wall.

TIP: Climb the building to the top for an added bonus surprise Roughly Cut Stone Block.

On Mycelium

1/1 Mycelium

The Alchemist goes on a rant about Mycelium, most likely a conversation triggered after having mined the white stuff off the ground inside the Shrouded areas.

Reap What You Sow

1/2 Glorious Seeds!

Toward the south end of the map in the Enshrouded area, you’ll find Fox Chase. It’s a decent sized area as it has multiple buildings. As you enter, keep left and you’ll spot a building with a ridiculous amount of spores around it. I cleared the spores and found a door to lockpick. Jumping can avoid all of that, but I made too many lockpicks, soooo.

Once inside the building you’ll have a golden chest by the door and you’ll likely see a glowing body. (I looted my chest >_>). Head down the stairs near the body for the Lore and a silver chest. Then head back up for part two.

2/2 Spread

Heading back up top, unless you looted the body first, is the second piece of Lore. Looting the body gives you the Lore and a Reaper’s Wand.

Always Together

1/2 Come Back To Me

Head to Moth’s Grove for this Lore. The destroyed village is located north of the Ancient Spire - Springlands Fast Travel. In the Enshrouded town, head for the tower area as there’s a building on a tiered piece of land with a skeleton and a note on a table.

2/2 Mirror Image

I really ought to be used to riddles by now! This one is super easy. Within the same location of Moth’s Grove is a Fell Banshee. “I hear your cries at night…” Yup, she’s right there. Anyway, defeat the enemy and loot the Gemini Ring from its body to complete the Lore.

The Buzz In The Walls

1/2 I Sense Good Fortune

Found to the southeast of the Egerton Salt Mines, this scroll is located closer to the top and away from the Shroud. It is, however, still Enshrouded.

TIP: Keep heading down to collect the next piece of Lore and for General Lore The Alchemist’s Theories II 4/5 Spores and Sickness.

2/2 My Faculties, Sharp As Ever!

This one can be found in the Egerton Salt Mines. It’s a decent flight from the Ancient Spire - Springlands Fast Travel. Following the round in the Shroud helps if you get lost. But once you’re there, simply head up the wooden stairs and you’ll find a silver chest and a note to read.

A Rumble In The Catacombs

1/2 Beasts Beneath The Soil

This scroll of Lore is located just outside of the Bramlespine Boneyard. It’s simple to get to, if you glide down from the Ancient Spire - Revelwood Fast Travel, but it’s less easy to get out of. Just remember to follow the road, and you’ll eventually be free of the Shroud.

2/2 It Crawls Beneath My Flesh

Some notes: February 11th, 2024 I cleared the catacomb, defeated the boss, looted the bodies, searched the chests, picked up the Blocks (the previous Lore mentioned Blocks), but to no avail. Is this one glitched or should I turn my search to the area outside the tomb?

UPDATE! I needed to turn my attention outside the tomb >_>

The last of this Lore is located south of Ancient Spire - Revelwood Fast Travel. This scroll can be found inside the Flame Sanctum. It’s on the bench to the right of the door as you enter. It’s also south of the Bramblespine Boneyard where the first Lore was located.

Lost In The Shroud

1/5 See What I Found

South of the Ancient Bridge and about halfway between the northern Shroud Root and the southern Shroud Well is a small camp. The table in the camp contains two pieces of Lore - this one and the next. This one is a singular note.

2/5 To Shortstack

This Lore is beside the previous one and is a scroll on the table.

3/5 Talion!

Parallel to The Pike, this location is at the northernmost Abandoned Hunter Camp. Considering Hunter Athalan Skree’s brother is Talion, this makes sense. Anyway, head northeast from the Ancient Spire - Revelwood Fast Travel to reach this location. There’s a nearby tent, but you want to grapple up to the silver chest and the small wooden stand beside it. The letter is on top of that.

4/5 To The Guard Of The North!

From the previous Lore location, head down the east path until you reach a tree surrounded by skulls. There’s a note pinned to the tree by an arrow.

5/5 Bow Found

Northeast of the Ancient Spire - Revelwoods Fast Travel and west of The Pike is the Ancient Bridge. Head there and defeat the guardian giant that protects the Shroud Root. After you’ve defeated the brute, loot his body for the Fell Commander Bow.

The Morning Grind

1/2 I Heard A Crack

If you enter Willow Crush from the North, Enshrouded side, then the building (more like tiny shack) you’re looking for is the first one on the right. Go in, fight the dude inside, and read the Lore 😊

2/2 Ring Received

If you enter Willow Crush from the North, Enshrouded side, you can see the glowing mound where the body is. Exhume it, loot it, and Lore completed! Well, so long as you have the first note, anyway.

Mysterious Wanderer Sightings

1/3 “After Me, The Flood.”

This Lore is located at an Elixir Well. The nearest tower is the Ancient Spire - Revelwood Fast Travel. Travel past the tents and up the steps to reach the table the papers are on.

BONUS: On the opposite side of the Elixir Well is a wagon with the SAME note on it. Like, say whaaaaaaat?! (3rd photo)

2/3 The Strangest Of Visitors

If you start at the third Lore below, you may have an easier time doing both as they are close together.

From the entrance to the Elixir Well area there is a small platform. On top of the wooden platform is some cooked meat, which I ate >_> and the Lore. If you came from a different side, simply climb up to the revival Flame on top of the Elixir Well and you will likely see the Lore glowing behind it (still on the platform).

3/3 A Message Or A Nightmare?

Hah! Found it again! Like the other Lore in this series, this one is located at an Elixir Well. The closest tower is the Ancient Spire - Revelwood Fast Travel. The map shows the Mistburry Catacombs to help narrow down which Elixir Well it is on the map. Once you arrive, head for the tents. The scroll is tucked away on a shelf inside one of them.

Smuggler Hideout

1/2 It Came At Night

This Lore can be found at a Flame Sanctum north of the Trading Outpost “Old Rye” and to the east of the Ancient Spire - Revelwood Fast Travel. The book is beside a skeleton to the right of the Flame in the sanctum.

2/2 About Shipment No. 047

This is actually one of the few Lore that I strongly suggest NOT using the road for. Trying to spot this is just…dumb. I honestly don’t know how I spotted it on my first play through. Anyway, head for Trade Outpost “Old Rye”. You can follow the road to it, but I suggest leaving the road when you reach it or are near it and heading instead for the southern side of it to have a better chance of spotting the “cave”. The first image is from the road, and that’s after clearing some spores. The second is of the southern entrance. Inside the “cave is a silver chest and a table with the Lore on top. Best of luck to you!

A Bright Light In The Sky

1/1 Don’t Try To Find Me

This page of Lore can be found in Cloverbrook Farm. It’s in the first room of the first building on the right.

The Elixir Thief

1/3 The Brew Is Ours!

North of the Ancient Vault – Farmer, is Willow Crush. If you enter Willow Crush from the North, Enshrouded side, this small shack will be the second structure (there’s a larger building before it) on the left side of the path. TIP: All 3 in this series are in Willow Crush.

2/3 Must Have More

In Willow Crush, just north of the Ancient Vault – Farmer, you can find this note. In the very back of the village is a two-story house with a small garden. On the second floor is the note on a table. TIP: All 3 in this series are in Willow Crush. The next piece of the Lore is next door in the basement.

3/3 Fools!

This book, which is still in Willow Crush, is located in a basement in a building on the far north western end (the smaller one on the right). As a bonus, there is a silver and a gold chest in the room. TIP: All 3 in this series are in Willow Crush. This one is next door to the previous bit of Lore.

Buried Curse

1/2 I Said Let Go!

This one is found inside a ruin in the Shroud. There are blue flower creatures all around the building, so be sure to kill them before reading the book in front of the skeleton or they’ll just keep blasting you. Located in Lone Thistle.

2/2 Unearthed

Loot the dead in the Shroud. Yup, you’re a gravedigger and a graverobber if you complete this Lore. On the bright side, Hailscourge is pretty cool looking sword. You can find this particular grave in Lone Thistle. It’s near the entrance or is a short hop down from where the tower is above (which rises high enough to escape the Shroud if you need out). Same map location, roughly, as the first piece of Lore in this series.

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