05 May 2017

Time for a Change

Written by Sarah-Maree

Changing it up

;Ok, you know how I keep writing snippets from the Positivity Camp story? No worries people, I fully intend to keep writing Positivity camp! The story will go on! But, you know how I keep doing that? What if I had another ‘short story’ that is much the same way? It’s more of a novella – a long short story or a short novel. I’m going to write it either way, but I wanted to see what you all thought about me sharing it here as I went.

That said, let me give a brief…haha, I said brief!...description of what it’s about.

A young author wrote a fictional story that parallels their life. The story contains a tale of magic, betrayal, loss, and misfortune that mirrors the writer’s life, but in a way that may not seem evident at first. The journal containing the story is stolen by a thief and he begins to read it, at first unaware of the true nature of the story, or his role in it…

That’s the brief description! …I can’t believe I pulled it off…ahem! So, what do you think? Want to read it here? Or wait for me to write it all, edit it, edit it about twelve more times, do some peer reviews, and so on and so forth until it is published? Either way, I’ve already started it :)

Can’t wait to hear your responses! Keep creating, I know I will be :)

P.S. Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

Photo Credit: Johannes Plenio

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