06 April 2018


Written by Sarah-Maree

If you’ve been following my blog, you may have noticed a peculiar shift. Here’s a quick recap of what’s going on behind the scenes.

Part I: The Writer

Yay! Writing! Well, as you may have noticed, my poor blog has been neglected lately. Usually I have a new blog post every Friday, but that just has not been the case lately. Some of you may be wondering what the hold up is with Positivity Camp in particular. That’s an easy answer. I hit a snag. The good news? I found a way around it. Why isn’t it up yet? Because I’m trying to devote my attention to my book MAD (Monsters and Demons).

MAD is ascience fiction coming of age story / mystery novel. Here's a quick summary if you're curious to know more:

While socially awkward Detective James searches for answers on one gamer's mysterious death, teenager Ruby Redison unintentionally finds herself downloaded into a video game. Both are forced to combat corporate corruption as they seek answers.

For a more in depth look at the book, which was written a while ago and probably contains way too much information and what feel like spoilers, check out my blog post: First Novel.

Anyway, I recently had my manuscript returned from a developmental editor. The edits are helping and I feel like I’m making progress trimming down and refining MAD. That also means I’m focusing my normal writing time to editing. This then means that I won’t likely be writing another blog for at least a month. Yes, I’m being very optimistic with my progress, but someone has to be, right?

Once MAD is edited by me, my writing group friends will have another go at it and maybe a few select readers. Then it’ll be another round of edits and finally a line edit. While those shenanigans are going on, I’ll likely have time for some Positivity Camp shenanigans. So hang in there!

Part II: The Crafter

I really haven’t been crafting much lately; however, with a craft show coming up, I do feel motivated to start making some books again. Crafting also helps me stay productive even if I am procrastinating and gives my eyes a break from staring at a screen all day :) If you enjoy checking out my hand-crafted books, then keep an eye out for posts as I start crafting again!

Part III: The Gamer

Playing video games is one of my favorite activities. They’re fun and a great way to relax. I’ve had a few people ask what games I play. While I never tire of The Legend of Zelda games, my current go to is Rec Room for VR. My husband and I allegedly share an account (you really aren’t supposed to do that); however, I do have an account that goes by MoonMoon. If you see this low level wandering around, odds are it’s me. Oh, and MoonMoon is a low level because Nick wants to keep collecting all the outfits and it’s easier if MoonMoon stays out of it. Sigh.

Part IV: The Poem

Here’s a little poem I made up about the cute little dragon I have sleeping on my desk. A memento from this year’s Indianapolis Comic Con. The little guy was created by artist David Lee Pancake. Awesome name, right?

*Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus

Oh, little sleeping dragon
So cute with your shut eyes
How I like to poke you
Not in malice
But for fun
To see you stir in my mind
All enraged at lost shut eye
So cute
So small
So angry
I think I’ll leave you be
The rage you feel, only a memory

Well, that’s about it. Hopefully I can have some more short stories for you soon! Until then, happy National Poetry Month!

*This is Latin for “Never tickle a sleeping dragon.” Fun fact: I used it for my 2008 senior quote. Until recently, I had no idea it was also the Harry Potter Hogwarts motto. I just thought it was cool and I loved Latin (still do, too).

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