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Released 2020

My first book, Positivity Camp

In paperback and E-Book formats.


E-Book Versions

"When words become forbidden due to their negativity, it's up to campers Daniel and Wendy to bring back the fun by using the camp's rules against the counselors."

What the readers say

Riveting, suspenseful, characters are totally relatable to the teens at Camp! Satisfying twist! Read and read again. Is now on my favorites list!

Danielle L. on Amazon

What a great and terrifying depiction of a potential dystopian future! Reminds me of the book 'Holes' meets 'The Stepford Wives'. LOVE IT!

Nick Klein

This camp is crazy! I'd go nuts here! . . . Never underestimate the power of the girl's network!

Mary Larsen

What a great read!! Fun story and super creative!! I was on the edge of my seat! A MUST read/own!! Get yours today!!

Eryn Keck on Amazon

It was refreshing to encounter a book that talks through the sometimes difficult topic of being bullied and becoming a bully yourself. There is a fine line, and the author allows the characters to figure out what category they fit into as they interact with different situations throughout the story.

C. rauch on Amazon

Great story for all ages. Once started you dont want to put it down hope there will be a sequel.

parkerMya on Amazon