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Caffeine is My

Welcome to my blog, where I write about a variety of subjects, from Furry Friends and Dungeons & Dragons, to entire series like Positivity Camp.

Writing Updates

A Yearly Time Capsule Event 2022-2023

01 September 2023
Ah, yes. It’s that time of year again. The time of the year where I take a look back and do some reflecting. Quick Recap So last year was the first time for sha...

Exploring New Things: Writing, Food, And More!

24 February 2023
At last! Friday is here, and I am finally sharing what I’ve been up to lately! Yeesh, after two weeks, there’s a lot more to cover than I had originally planned. ...

Behind The Scenes Of Ryac: AITAH?

06 January 2023
I recently had a family member ask me if I thought self-publishing was worth it. Then came the real life plot twist and all the potential drama. I find it ironic,...

A Yearly Time Capsule Event 2021-2022

23 September 2022
It’s Friday once again! To celebrate, I’m taking a trip to the past. My past that is. My writing past, to be even more exact. Time Capsule Event So, I should pr...

April Brings New Writing Endeavors as I Celebrate Completing Past Goals

08 April 2022
Last month was a crazy month, and it’s only getting wilder from here on! Before I get too ahead of myself, here’s a quick recap of last month. And in case you mis...

February 2022 Accomplishments and March Expectations

25 February 2022
Month two into the year, and I'm keeping up with those blogging goals! Basically, I'm aiming for a blog a week, and I'm succeeding. Plus, I only promote what I've...

Blogging Goals for 2022

04 February 2022
Remember how my last blog New Year, New Goals 2022 talked about some changes to my blogging? Well, here’s the update! What’s happening here? A lot and nothing a...

Starving Artist Triples Margins During Pandemic

21 January 2022
That’s right! Keep reading for the key, secret trick, for making this ‘starving’ artist (I’m always hungry) turn a profit with her book making hobby! Ok, ok. Get...

Challenge Accepted

03 September 2021
I will freely admit, I have been dreading this blog challenge. I’m a writer, not a photographer! I barely even take photos of my adorable kitties, and they’re fri...

Update Time!

20 August 2021
You’re not wrong if you thought this was an update blog! I haven’t been blogging lately, so there has been a lot going on. To start with, I haven’t been crafting...