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I'm Sarah.

Writer. Crafter. Cat Momma.
Dreamer Extraordinaire.

Latest Musings

Five Free Chapters

First Five Chapters FREE

26 April 2023
Hello fellow readers, and possibly even fellow writers! It’s been a long time coming, but I have finally condensed my FREE chapters for my published books into one convenient location! The first on...
Four Places To Find A Local Writing Group And Some Other Advice

Improve Your Writing Or Other Hobbies By Joining A Group With Like-Minded People: Here’s How To Find Them

17 February 2023
High-five! You survived another week! I mean, I hope you did more than just survive, but step one is definitely to survive it. Ok, don’t be angry! I got to thinking about last week’s post, and I c...
Tower Navigation in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Ancient Spires Overview

19 March 2024
Well, I have successfully looked for and found Enshrouded Quests and Enshrouded Lore. Now I’m tackling the Ancient Spires! I have tried keeping things as simple as possible, but if you need more in...
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