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Welcome to my blog, where I write about a variety of subjects, from Furry Friends and Dungeons & Dragons, to entire series like Positivity Camp.

Tips for Writers

Improve Your Writing Or Other Hobbies By Joining A Group With Like-Minded People: Here’s How To Find Them

17 February 2023
High-five! You survived another week! I mean, I hope you did more than just survive, but step one is definitely to survive it. Ok, don’t be angry! I got to think...

Writing Groups Help With Brainstorming, Constructive Criticism, Mental Support, Inspiration, And Improvement Through Mimicry

10 February 2023
Hope you’re having a great Friday! This week, I debated giving an update on some of my writing, but I’m going to save that for next week. What makes me want to wa...

Learning The Self-Publishing Lessons Only A Book Can Teach You

13 January 2023
Ah, yes. Friday the thirteenth. Always a great day for feeling cursed. In this case, I’m looking at writing and some of the things I missed when designing and org...

Is An Author’s Debut Novel Their First Novel?

06 May 2022
In my last blog, I mentioned my desire to write a blog titled something like: How Long Does it Take to Write a Novel Worth Publishing? Before anyone gets all up i...

Hiring an Editor – Gone Right

23 March 2022
From a bad, or scammy, editor to a good one, this is my take on how I came to, respectfully, love my editor. You can read more about my experience with a bad edit...

Should I Worry About SEO On My Writer’s Blog?

04 March 2022
When it comes to writing, of any sort, knowing your audience and your goal are key. Of course, it also helps to keep SEO in mind as well! Having better search eng...

Hiring a Developmental Editor – Gone Wrong

18 February 2022
Sometimes even the best advice can backfire. In my case, I hired a developmental editor after a recommendation from a local author. One of the most amazing things...

Can you write multiple books at the same time?

11 February 2022
To put it simply, yes, I can work on editing and writing multiple books at the same time. Can you? That’s a question I can’t answer for you. I can, however, let y...

Working from Home – Quarantine Edition

14 May 2020
As you may already know, I worked from home long before Stay at Home became trendy. Ok, maybe not trendy, and maybe I’m making light of a dark situation, but stil...

A New Word

17 December 2019
I don’t know how to begin this discussion. This topic has been on my mind for a very long time, longer than the current discussion about it has been going on. I’m...