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04 February 2022

Blogging Goals for 2022

Written by Sarah-Maree

Remember how my last blog New Year, New Goals 2022 talked about some changes to my blogging? Well, here’s the update!

What’s happening here?

A lot and nothing at the same time. I’ve already made one major change, which really only took three hours to do, and which isn’t really all that major. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but the categories section on my blog has changed. It used to have the six categories: Furry Friends, Dungeons & Dragons, Positivity Camp, Ryac and the Dark Mage, Inspiration, and Seasonal. Now, those categories have been changed to these five: Personal, Publishing Announcements, Stories, Tips for Writers, and Writing Updates.

Another change that’s coming is how I advertise that I’ve written a new blog. I used to send out email blasts for each blog, if I remembered to. Now I’ll be sending out a blast every four blogs, or one every month. It just depends on how the month plays out. This first one I did was a bit odd since I only had the two blogs in January. February will, hopefully, be more robust.

Why change your blog?

For the category changes, that was an SEO based decision. SEO being Search Engine Optimization. Google likes it when you give pertinent information and up to date information. So, I’m trying to be more relevant to what writers and readers may be looking for. A lot of this is based on the assumption that someone actually wants to read my blog. Either way, it makes me appear higher up on a Google search, regardless of if people read my stuff or not.

I may be heartless in saying that, but I mean, I do hope people like reading my work. Maybe not this one. This blog is more informative than fun, at least to me. Can’t make them all winners. If I could though…

As for the frequency of the email blasts, I didn’t want to annoy people with an email every time I write a blog. Some people like informative blogs, some prefer stories. At least this way, they can see the last four I’ve written and decide for themselves if they’re interested in the latest news. Also, it’s easier on me. I’ll admit it. I like it when I don’t have to do as much.

What’s coming up next?

I’d really like to get more blogs into the Publishing Announcements category, but I need to have things close to getting published for that. Don’t be surprised if my next blog is about Ryac, though. I’m very close to that story being done.

Other than that, I may start working on more Tips for Writers. In particular, I think it’s time to share the story about what a bad editor looks like and how I wasted $1,500 and am still complaining about it. It’s a juicy tale of hope turned indelibly sour.

Until then, may your adventures be many and your inspiration be endless!

Photo by Alexas Fotos