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08 April 2022

April Brings New Writing Endeavors as I Celebrate Completing Past Goals

Written by Sarah-Maree

Last month was a crazy month, and it’s only getting wilder from here on! Before I get too ahead of myself, here’s a quick recap of last month. And in case you missed seeing the subtitle for this post: April showers bring more writing hours! Yes, I did do that. No, I will not apologize.

Expectations from February that soared

Yeah, so back in February, I had only one goal. ONE. To quote my past self, “Sir Ryac and the Dark Mage is SO haunting my waking hours. I. Want. It. Done.” Well, friends, I succeeded! It’s no longer haunting my dreams. It’s off with Cara Trent at Midnight Quill for editorial feedback. WOOT!

Expectations for 2022 that soared

That’s right! I’m knocking out my New Year’s Goals, too! Granted, the main goal was just to get Ryac done, and that’s so close that I’m freaking out. Nick, my husband, is trying to convince me to head to the library and do some research on book agents so I can work on being traditionally published.

I loath the idea of extra, unexpected work. BUT, I am opening up to the possibilities. I may just have to have a talk with Cara and pick her brain on agents and what to expect. Mostly, I worry about the time drain this can cause. The last thing I want is having a book sitting, done, while I wait to hear back from someone. Granted, agents reply faster, from what I’ve seen from preliminary research, than a publisher. Some publishers take a month, others take several to reply. Agents tend to reply in three days to a week to maybe a month.

I can place check marks on the goal of completing two or more blogs a month, enjoying the little things (I recently finished Horizon Forbidden West), and revamping the blog (as that was technically done a while ago, but I’m not letting that accomplishment be forgotten)!

Blogs from March 2022 that you may have missed

Really, if you’ve read the above, you’re pretty caught up already, but if you want more details, feel free to check out March’s blog topics.

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April writing goals and expectations

I have no idea if this is me being hopeful, unrealistic, or sadistic, but my April goal, the big one anyway, is to finish the story I’ve been working on called Charm of Night. I mentioned what it’s about better in this blog.

Other Novel Goals

Other than that, I expect to start heavily looking into rewriting MAD: Upload. Editing it has proven to be unrealistic. As I’m sure many writers are aware, those first stories, the big novely sized ones, anyway, tend to come out…messy. I heard one writer call them ugly babies. We love them. They’re ours. We made ‘em. But, boy oh boy are they hideous!

As a result, some authors abandon those first few projects and work on something less daunting. I know I have a similar mess that predates MAD. That one is even messier and uglier. I love it, but it may never see the light of day.

Blog Goals

That leads me into at least one of my blog goals for this month: How Long Does it Take to Write a Novel Worth Publishing? Or something like that. I’ll likely cover why some of my books won’t likely see the light of day and why others will, if I have any say about it, which I do!

Have anything you want to see more of? Let me know in the comments below. Otherwise, I’ll be back next week with more silly shenanigans. May your adventures be many and your inspiration be endless!