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31 March 2022

Sir Ryac and The Dark Mage is Close to Publishing

Written by Sarah-Maree

I promised to update about Sir Ryac and the Dark Mage in May, but I couldn’t wait! Publishing another book is just too exciting! You read that right, this is an exciting publishing announcement!

Isn't the book with an editor right now?

I know, I know. I'm getting ahead of myself just a tad, but I've been trying to finish this project for a while, and it finally feels close to completion! I finalized the cover art for the book last year, and then I recently finished my final edits - that is, the edit round just before Cara Trent, my editor, goes over it. You can learn more about her awesomeness at Midnight Quill's website or in my blog: Hiring an Editor – Gone Right.

The end of April is the scheduled return of the edited draft. My fingers are crossed that there aren't any major changes. I know there will be edits to do, but it's those pesky plot holes that I'm hoping are non-existent. I've already accounted for a few of those.

Oh, and you better believe I'm checking the manuscript (MS) all the way up until it goes to print! I don't need a repeat of what happened with Positivity Camp … grumble grumble … stupid partial sentence … grumble grumble … For more on that annoying mistake, feel free to check out my blog: Missing Words and Other Errors in Positivity Camp.

Basically, it was annoying in that I had written the sentence out as a full complete thought, but the printed book lacked part of the sentence. Somewhere in the formatting stage, the words were accidentally deleted. If the ferrets were still around, I'd blame them. The little rascals.

When do you expect to publish Sir Ryac and the Dark Mage?

That's a bit tricky to answer. I have the cover art done, but I'm actually a bit unsure on the self-publishing part. I have seen a few agents who may be interested in the book and thus I might have a way of being published with a well-known publisher. However, going the traditional route means they pick the cover and I have to sign a contract. That also means less money for me and more money for them, but then they also want me to still do all the advertising. Then there's the cut for the agent to think about.

I think I just talked myself out of  , hahaha. I know self-publishing is more work, but I don't mind. Plus, I'm still a guppy. The odds of landing an agent, let alone a publisher, isn't that great for new authors. With a few more published books, I may look more appealing. Or I might not. The publishing world is a tricky place to navigate. I'm just not patient enough to sit around waiting for rejection letters to pour in.

Anyway, I'm going to give myself all of May to finalize the book. Then June is when I will finish up the formatting and I'll send it off to print. After that, you can expect to hear more from me on my release date! So maybe mid-July of 2022? Don't get me wrong, if I can focus and finish it up sooner, you better believe I'll do just that!

Have any other questions for me? Leave them in the comments section below! If the question requires a longer answer, I may just respond with a blog ;)

May your adventures be many and your inspiration be endless!