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17 April 2020

Positivity Camp Book Launch

Written by Sarah-Maree

I can’t believe it! Positivity Camp is finally done! That terribly wonderful project that consumed two years and more of my life is truly and finally done! Thank you to everyone who helped push me toward completing that goal. I know it’s been quite a journey, from the early blissful days of thinking it would be a two or three part blog story to it’s completion on the blog to now – a full-fledged book with a character pronunciation guide, a detailed camp map, a beautifully designed cover, a dedication, paperback copies, and e-book copies. This is truly incredible!

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Thank you to everyone who’s been there helping me on this journey. Thank you to my sisters for your constant questions that drove me to complete the blog series. One of you in particular was a key factor in this being finished. Thank you to Therro The Kid for your patience in working with me and your wonderful cover artwork. That camera on the back cover is still one of my favorite parts of that design. It makes me smile every time. Thank you also to my awesome, amazing, and wonderful writing friends in The Write People. Without you and your feedback, I might never have completed the editing of all those chapters. You’re all so amazing! I look forward to when each of you is finally able to share your wonderful works with the world. For now though, I’m happy to keep commenting on and enjoying your wonderful creations. Last but not least, thank you to my publisher, NJ Productions. More specifically, thank you to my wonderful husband at NJ Productions. Without your drive, I don’t think I would have ever gotten this book completed enough to figure out the publishing process. I’m still not sure I understand it enough, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the hard work involved in formatting the book, taking it to print, or making it e-book ready and accessible. There are steps that I’m sure I’m forgetting, so thank you for those as well. Before I forget, thank YOU, my awesome fan! I may not know you. I may not have met you. But in a way, you’ve met me, and you didn’t run away screaming. For that, I thank you.

For any newcomers who may not know what is going on, here’s a quick recap of the past few years of my life – but only regarding Positivity Camp. As you’ve likely figured out, I’ve recently published my book, Positivity Camp. It is a tale about a camp that forbids words due to their negativity. When that happens, campers Daniel and Wendy bring back the fun by using the camp’s rules against the counselors. Originally, this story started out on my blog Caffeine is my Muse. As you may have read above, this story was intended to be only two or three posts long. Well, it quickly got out of hand, and here we are now. It’s gone from a runaway story on a blog to a completed book. And that’s it. My first book is out in the world! Hurray, hurrah, hurray!