27 April 2020

National Tell a Story Day 2020

Written by Sarah-Maree

Happy National Tell a Story Day! Below is my contribution to the day. And yes, this is a true story. Normally I might not share such things, but hey, we’re all being a little abnormal lately, so why not!

What sort of strange things have you done during quarantine? Have any of them been goaded on by or inspired by friends or family?

There I was, being told I was dead by friends as they messaged back and forth on Marco Polo, a video sharing app. I didn't get the idea to jump in the trunk of the new car until one of my friends joked that my husband must have locked me in there. True to my devious nature, I decided to have my next video be of me in the trunk of the new car. So, I took my phone and went to the garage. The trunk looked too difficult to open with the garage door closed, so I opened the back-passenger door and tumbled over the back seat into the not-as-spacious-as-I-was-led-to-believe trunk of the new car. With phone in hand, I shared my false plight with friends, showing them I still lived.

Disaster struck. My phone was at 4%, and I was stuck. I sent more videos in hopes of garnering a real rescue, but I received jokes instead from distant friends. My husband, who had been so active only minutes before, had yet to view any of the recent videos. I tried another video. Then another. In a desperate move, I sent a text. Then, I waited. I dared not use my dying phone again or risk being trapped without the use of an even more desperate phone call.

Hope illuminated the area as my husband opened the door to the house and came into the garage. He was surprised to see the car door open, and even more surprised to see me in the trunk of the car, peering out into the dark garage. He hadn't seen my messages. He had simply been on his way out to get the mail. Before he could press the garage door button, I shouted at him to set me free first. This was quarantine. My hair was a mess, I was bra-less, and my owl pajamas were not meant for public excursions. Begrudgingly, he slowly and carefully opened the trunk door. There was barely enough room to open it, but he succeeded, and I was released. I bolted inside to avoid the opening of the garage door and to charge my phone. I was free!

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I may not be the nerdiest nerd you’ve ever met, but I still like to think of myself as a lover of science, video games, and of course, books.


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