10 March 2017

Positivity Camp Chapter 5

Written by Sarah-Maree

The next segment of this crazy camp story is up! The plot thickens as Wendy and Daniel continue their fight against the ridiculous rules of Positivity Camp.

Chapter 5:
Word Spreads

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Everyone stayed silent as we escaped from Head Counselor Petrel. The silence only lasted as long as it took to get out of sight, and that ended the second we reached the top of the stairs. Several other campers tried talking to me, but I kept running. I wanted to catch up to Wendy and find out what song she had prepared.

“Wendy!” I called out as loud as I dared. Luckily, she heard me and slowed down enough for me to catch up. Then we were walking at a more normal pace.

“What is it?”

“I…wanted,” I said, trying to catch my breath. “I wanted to know what you came up with. I nnnnoticed,” I stammered in an attempt to cover up the forbidden word never. “That I was the only one to present.”

“You and Meliah, you mean,” Wendy said stiffly.

Was she jealous? I tried not to smirk at the thought.

“Yeah, but I want to know what you did.”

Wendy looked around, and I suddenly noticed we were surrounded by nearly all the campers from our group. Several looked away in an attempt to be inconspicuous, but the rest continued their blatant eavesdropping. I saw no reason to be concerned. Some of them were even smiling.

“Fine,” Wendy said at last. “But you should curb your excitement. Ike and I struggled to come up with anything. I was too focused on using knots somehow, but how do you talk about camp knowledge using a boating term?”

“A boating term?” one of the eavesdroppers asked. They were met with a glare from Wendy. I tried looking menacing too, but all I could think of was that Wendy had accidentally added an s to not, but that didn’t make sense. Unless she meant tying a knot?

“Yes, the speed of a boat can be measured in either miles per hour or in knots. Of course, I also thought about knots in terms of tying rope, but that hardly would have worked to describe this place and all the things we know,” she ended with a smile and a sly wink at me.

“That still sounds great,” I said encouragingly. “Maybe we can use that later…for something.”

“That’s true.”

“You guys are going to keep saying things?” one kid asked excitedly.

“You’ll get us all in trouble,” another complained.


The shout made our entire group pause. We’d just left the flagpole lot and were following a dirt path to the main asphalt road. Farther down the main path, a different group of campers were shouting and waving at us.

“Should we make a run for the kickball field?” someone, possibly Ike, asked Wendy.

“We wait by the dirt path,” she replied.

“Hey!” The boy stopped and panted as he tried catching his breath. He had left the rest of his group far behind. The kid knew how to sprint! If we had any capture the flag games later, I wanted him on my team.

“What is it?” Wendy asked, once again taking charge.

“We…we were in art class….drawing things…burning wood…Teach…Teacher,” he clarified before coughing and clearing his throat. “Teacher stopped. He had to make a special sign…We’re going to…put it up now. Had to warn you.”

“What?” the question came from several campers behind me. We all leaned in closer.

“New words. Forbidden words. They’re going up on the wall outside camp. Wanted to warn you.” The kid’s panting slowed as he finally caught his breath.

“Do you know what they are?” Wendy asked.

“Yeah, but…”

“But they’re forbidden now,” I finished for him. “Hey, do you remember all of them?” I asked, suddenly remembering a way he might be able to confirm my suspicions.

"Yeah, but…”

“If you take the first letter of the words, do they spell Wendy, Daniel, and…what was that counselor’s name?” I asked, turning to Wendy.

“Dave,” the kid answered before either of us could remember. His eyes went wide and they flicked about the group before settling on me again.

“You know the story?” I asked, confident I already knew the answer. He nodded slowly a moment later, confirming my suspicions. With a wicked smile, I pointed first at myself and then at Wendy. “Daniel and Wendy,” I said, still smiling.

The kid’s jaw dropped. Then he was off. He ran past two other campers as he dashed back to spread the word. His group gave us a weary look before passing by us on their way to go place the signs.

Once again, I found myself admiring the kid’s speed. If this camp had capture the flag, I definitely wanted him on my team.

“That. Was. Awesome!” Wendy shouted gleefully.

I couldn’t have agreed more!

“We have art class?” Ike asked, suddenly appearing beside Wendy. I tried shooting him a dirty look for ruining our moment, but then Wendy took off running.

“Come on! I want to see the kickball field!”

She was lying and we all knew it, but the whole group ran after her. We all wanted to see what would happen next.

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