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09 June 2017

Sir Ryac and the Dark Mage - Chapter 3: Interruptions

Written by Sarah-Maree

It’s a new week and a new ‘chapter’ is up for Ryac and the Dark Mage! This one may take place outside of ;Ryac’s world, but I just wanted to say, it wasn’t my idea! Lol. Because the characters told me what to write…get it? Aaaaah, tough crowd. Moving on then!

Edited August 26, 2022

It’s totally fair if this went unnoticed. I’m realizing that by updating old posts, it’s not making the blog show up any sooner in my feed. So, I guess I’m the only one getting hyped about Sir Ryac and the Dark Mage. And you know what? That’s fine by me!

If you’ve been keeping up, then GO YOU! Well done on noticing my unintentional sneaky-sneak editing. Last week at this time, I had up through chapter 10 edited and I left off on chapter 11. How far have I come in a week? I’m on chapter 22! That’s just 11 more chapters to go and then it’s off to formatting, a final read (so that those errors with Positivity Camp don’t happen here), and then… Well, I wouldn’t want to say everything that’s coming up, now would I?

Next time is a revamped chapter 4. From there, the all-new chapter 5 will be up! I’d say more about what’s going on, but I’ll leave the publishing information for a different post. Exciting things are on the way! May your adventures be many and your inspiration be endless!

Photo Credit: Isabella Mendes

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“Dinner time!”

Matt nearly cried out in alarm as his mother’s voice jolted him back to the real world. He wanted to yell at her for interrupting his reading, but then he quickly recalled the stolen nature of the journal.

“In a minute!” he yelled irritably instead.

He needed to know more about the ring. He figured he still had a few minutes before he’d be missed. He dogeared the page, just in case. After scanning the page full of all those meaningless descriptions, he managed to locate the last line he’d read. Before he could continue, Martin, his father, called out and interrupted.

“Now, Matthew! Before it gets cold!”

While he might have been able to ignore his mother for a bit, there was no such leeway with Martin.

Fine!” Matt slammed the book shut and stomped over to a ‘secret’ compartment in his treehouse, a reminder of Martin’s impatience and frustration during the building process of the relatively simple, one-room treehouse. The original fist-sized hole had been enlarged properly with tools and now held room for many baubles. Matt hardly paid attention to the items already inside the cubby as he crammed the book inside. Then he sealed the compartment and hurried down the wooden ladder, which was held together with roofing nails from some other leftover project Martin had been working on.

Matt’s mood was foul as he slid the patio door open. The glass quaked as he slammed it shut again. The next second, he was tripping over someone’s foot, the action nearly costing him his balance. “Out of my way, orphan!” Matt scolded as he moved past Kyra. As an afterthought, he slapped the book she was holding out of her hand. Even though she wasn’t currently reading, he found it gratifying to think that he’d interrupted her just as his parents had interrupted him.

All through dinner, his focus remained on the stolen journal and the mystery of the ring. Although distracted, he did catch that his parents believed he was behaving oddly. His mother suggested he had a new crush at school, and Matt didn’t bother denying it as it kept her far from the truth.

Sleep did not come easy for Matt that night. While dinner’s conversation about his popularity with the girls at school had been distracting enough, which had all been a conversation riddled with lies from him, there was nothing to distract him now. His thoughts inevitably went back to Ryac and the strange princess. He tried pretending that he didn’t care, but the more he tried not thinking about the journal, the more his thoughts lingered on it.

While he didn’t mind reading the journal for the sake of finding something he could use against Kyrin, he didn’t like that he kept wondering what would happen next in the story. It had some serious amateur issues, what with unexplained happenings with the missing nobles and a jealous knight that died in a jousting tournament. There was also that huge section of boring descriptions! Matt found himself thinking about the ring with the torchlight gleaming off the gems as he drifted off into a restless sleep. 

The next day was easier than the night had been. Matt went through his normal routine of picking on the twins before breakfast. Then there was school, lunch, more school, and then finally he was home again and ignoring the usual calls to do homework. Grabbing some snacks, Matt rushed off to the treehouse and his stolen prize.

He tossed his backpack against the back wall along with the chips, cheese, and meat sticks. His mother always had them on hand, claiming they were great for a studying kid. Of course, Matt never studied in his treehouse, not that he ever did any homework there or inside the house. His mother might have known the truth of her son’s study habits, but she never asked, and Matt never told. He’d have lied anyway, or else found some excuse, one that would no doubt put the twins in some unfavorable light. 

In no time, he had his bag of chips open, the book retrieved from the hidden cubby, and his lawn chair positioned properly. Comfortable, Matt flipped to the dogeared page and found the part about Ryac saying he couldn’t take the ring.