24 August 2016

Rainy Days

Written by Sarah-Maree

Rainy days can drain my energy levels faster than bad news or a failed project. Now, this is not to be confused with stormy days. Those days are just awesome! I might struggle to focus on stormy days, but at least my energy levels are just fine!

No, it’s those overcast days with those painfully bright grey skies that suck all the energy out of me. If you’re like me and need to stay energized and focused no matter the weather outside, then here are some things that have helped me.

If I want to be productive, I have to make sure I dress right. Even if the weather tells me I won’t be going outside, I still dress like I might be seen by people. That means brushing my hair and putting on blue jeans and a nice shirt. If I wear pajamas, I may as well carry my pillow and blanket around too because odds are a nap will be my next step after getting up. So no, I can’t wear pajamas and be productive. Some people probably can, but I’m not one of them.

Next, I get my music going, and I get it going loud enough to rock out to, but not loud enough to anger the neighbors. I might turn the music down when I start writing, but initially it gets me energized and moving.

After that, I remove all excuses. In other words, I get breakfast, grab a water for my desk, clear all non-essential items from my work area, and I make sure to put my phone in a different room. If I have it with me, I WILL play Castle Clash. With everything in order, I open up the word document I was last on or I start a new one. Same with my crafting projects. I pull out the materials and figure out where I left off. Once everything is in order, then I start working. Eventually my mind gets into the task and I stop focusing on the gloomy world outside my window.

If, or rather when, I catch myself daydreaming or losing focus, then I think about the next few steps of my project. Again, this forces me to think about the task rather than my surroundings. Each time I lose focus, I do that. I also set alarms that go off every hour or so. When the alarm goes off, I walk away from my project and stretch or get more water. This helps break things up, gives me a little reward for focusing, and it helps to relieve any eye strain I might have. Plus, getting water helps me stay hydrated and keeps the headaches away.

I hope this helps the next time you have a rainy day curbing your productivity! :)

Photo Credit: Bibhukalyan Acharya

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