12 August 2016

Working from Home

Written by Sarah-Maree

Working from home isn’t easy; however, once you set up a good routine, it can become easier. The key is to avoid distractions. For me, it’s my phone and the internet. I can be lost on Facebook for hours if I’m not careful! Pinterest is another black hole that steals the time away.

Well, if you’re easily distracted from a writing or crafting project, like I am, here are some simple steps I’ve used to keep myself on track.

1. Have a dedicated workspace

2. Keep it organized

3. Set aside time each day for writing or crafting

4. Remove distractions

5. Take time at the end of each day to tidy things up

6. Make sure other people know to respect your work space and the time you’re in it

Simple, right? It is if you know where to start anyway, and I don’t always have much luck with that! When I struggle to actually start a project, or jump right back into one, I tend to do three things before starting.

1. Remember where I left off

2. Visualize the next steps

3. Gather resources I’ll need

Then I start! There are other things that can help too, of course. Like how I dress can sometimes influence my productivity. Wearing pajamas, while super comfy, rarely leads to anything other than a nap. Yet, when I have nice clothes and my tennis shoes on, I tend to focus on work better.

Music can often set the mood or provide white noise that helps me focus as well. Aside from that, alarms for breaks or when I’m done for the day really help as well. These simple tips hopefully are enough to get the ball rolling :)

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I may not be the nerdiest nerd you’ve ever met, but I still like to think of myself as a lover of science, video games, and of course, books.


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