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31 August 2016

First Novel

Written by Sarah-Maree

I’ve mentioned before in my first blog, Hello World, that I have been working on my first novel. Its creation has been a bumpy one, but I finally have a completed draft!

There are still a few minor changes to be made before I send it off to a publisher, but for now, it at least feels done. If you don’t know me or haven’t heard me talk about the book before, then you’re probably wondering what it’s about. Well it’s a science fiction novel with a side of mystery.

In it, the main character, Ruby, becomes addicted to the popular MMORPG Monsters and Demons, more popularly referred to as MAD. While she struggles to become a better player, the creators of the game work to perfect a secret new technology that will sync a player’s mind with that of their avatar. When the unfinished technology is leaked to the public and results in a death, the corporation is forced to cover their tracks. They create a team of synced players to track down and delete any unfortunate enough to enter the game. Ruby, unaware of the danger, uses one such device and finds herself in the hellish world of Monsters and Demons. Taking on the identity of her avatar, Guinevere, she must find a way out before the Hunters find her.

And that’s it! I hope to have the finishing touches done soon so I can send it off and ‘fingers crossed’ get published!

Photo Credit: Nitin Arya