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30 December 2022

Goals From 2022 And Goals For 2023

Written by Sarah-Maree

Alas, 'tis that time of year again. Time to look behind at past goals and accomplishments while planning the path ahead. 

2022 Goals And Accomplishments And Looking Behind

Would you believe I had seven goals for this year? I didn't believe it when I saw it! To be clear, I think three goals are good to have and anything else is just gravy. That's three goals for me, specifically. Feel free to have as many as you want or don't want.

Anyway, the goals below were pulled from my New Year, New Goals 2022 blog.

Goal One: Finish Editing Sir Ryac And The Dark Mage.

I'd call this one a major success. I mean, you can now BUY the book. So uh, yeah. Nailed it!

Goal Two: Send It Off To Cara Trent At Midnight Quill For Editing

Oh, yeah. Check this one off the list, cause that book is done and ready to BUY

Goal Three: Begin Final Edits On M.A.D. Upload

Well, I successfully worked on M.A.D. a bit, though I think past me really hoped it would be done by now, lol. I don't blame me. It would be nice to just have it done already. Guess what's going on next year's to-do list! It's this. This goal right here. Though, admittedly, I'll be tweaking it. 

Goal Four: Keep Working On Charm of Night

I'd call this goal a success, too! Since August's Time Capsule blog, I've written fifteen more chapters. I'm counting those as me still working on it. :)

Goal Five: Write Two Blogs A Month

Ugh, why do I give myself homework? Why? Fine, I'll look and see… Eek. April, May, and August all had one blog each, but then July didn't have a single thing! Most months, though, had four or five. So, it evened out, with more blogs in my favor than against it. Honestly, I like the goal, but I think I'll be tweaking it for next year, juuuuust a bit. 

Goal Six: Revamp The Blogging, Too

I accomplished that goal earlier this year. Basically did new photos, new formatting, new link styles, etc. Most of it was things no one would really notice, but I'm happy.

Goal Seven: Enjoy The Little Things

I did do that, so that is done. Now, moving on!

2023 And Planning What Comes Next - 1 Year Ahead

I've recently had it pointed out to me that we often overestimate what we can do in a year, but we often underestimate what we can do in three years. So, I'm curious to start with my goals for 2023.

Goal One For 2023: Finish A Book And Maybe Publish The Book

Ugh, why do I have to push myself? And why don't I have any good excuses for removing that publishing part of the goal? Ah well, I know I can do it. I just don't currently want to think about all the stuff that goes into such a lofty goal. But I can do it.

Goal Two for 2023: Write An Average Of Two Blogs A Month

Haha! See what I did there? Now any extra blogs can overflow into slower months. Sweet!! Oh, and this is one of those feasible goals. I know I'll write more than that, but I don't want to stress myself with mandating a blog be out every Friday. That's a debilitating goal right there. I tried that once and became depressed several blogless Fridays in a row. Not gonna make that mistake again! 

Goal Three: Enjoy The Little Things

Yup. That's my main three. Obviously the first two cover me maintaining a good writing habit, and this one is for me to enjoy life as it happens.

Remembering to enjoy life and to not work myself into a grave really helps me keep things in perspective. These goals really aren't that bad when spread out over a year. They're a challenge issued to myself, yes, but they're not supposed to be soul crushing. They're meant for me to know I'm accomplishing a lot while still doing what I enjoy doing. If my passion changes, then the goals need to change too. But, I think I nailed it for my 2023 aspirations!

Planning What Comes Next - 3 Years Ahead (2023-2025)

So, this is really for the completion of 2023, 2024, and 2025. My goodness. What do I think I can accomplish in three years? Three books? A mountainous heap of blogs? A whole lot of traveling? Moving to another country? What about a new language or two? Goodness. I just don't know. It seems like anything could happen in one year, let alone three!

I think I'll just keep the vagueness there. Too much more, and I might stress myself out, lol. I mean, five books would be crazy, wouldn't it? One a year already sounds daunting, but what if…

Well. Well. Well.

It seems appropriate to end this year with those lofty shenanigany ideas. That's the fun part, right? Anyway, see you next year! May your adventures be many and your inspiration be endless!