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Enshrouded Vukah and Wildlife Lore

Written by Sarah-Maree

The following is what I have for Vukah and Wildlife Lore in Enshrouded. NOTE: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS - I won’t share Lore content, but the titles may give things away, and the photos may reveal things. For an overview of what the heck I’m talking about, click here! Since I found most of these, they won’t glow red in the pictures, but they should glow red, like a fire, for you if you haven’t discovered them yet. If not, I’m sure the game developers would appreciate any feedback or hearing of any glitches, bugs, or malfunctions as this is an Early Access game - in that it isn’t fully finished and they are still working out some things. If you have any questions or tips for me, let me know in the comments! I’ll try to update often and with images to help guide you on your journey.

Vukah and Wildlife

Vukah Encounter

1/2 Fierce Creatures

This Lore can be found near Umber Hollow at the Trade Outpost “Blazing Rock”. I used the Ancient Spire - Nomad Highlands Fast Travel to reach it. Make sure to have enough stamina and the updraft skill (under assassin).

Upon entering the camp from the western side, simply head left of the bulletin board and you’ll find this Lore on a table.

TIP: Head to the bulletin board for a piece of Nomad Highlands Lore (Conway Brothers - Rafa,).

2/2 Club Found

From the previous Lore, follow the road south out of the camp. When the road splits, take the eastern road and follow its curving nonsense until you reach Vukah Camp. From there, simply jump up onto the rocky outcropping inside the camp and walk across the land bridge to a golden chest. Inside is the club you seek: Wolf’s Hydra.

The Draconian Vulture Took Him

1/2 This Desert Contains Horrors

The top of the cave entrance is a quick glide away from the Ancient Spire - Nomad Highlands. It did take me using the Assassin / Trickster Skill Updraft to make it here. Even the Double Jump Survivor Skill helped. Anyway, follow the cave passage down. You’ll end up at a camp with two tents. The pages of this Lore on are a table inside the tent closest to you when you exit the cave passage.

TIP: There’s likely a passage that goes further down the mountain, too, so don’t despair this one gives you trouble. ALSO, head back up the cave passage and head north for the second part of this Lore.

2/2 A Powerful Hunter’s Bow

If you’ve just obtained the previous Lore, then head back up the cave passage and head north toward the Draconian Vulture Nest. You’ll find this item in a body up in the nest (no grappling hook required for this one). For your slaying efforts, the loot on the body is the  Bow.

TIP: If you’re an archer, these spots are GREAT for mining twigs so you can have more arrows.

Draconian Vulture Warning

1/1 Song Of Swooping Shadows

This lovely song / poem can be found in Shorewatch in the Kindlewastes. You’ll want to head south from the Ancient Spire - Kindlewastes Fast Travel for this one. Or, collect other Lore by following the roads as you head to it. The song is found on a bulletin board across the bridge and next to the jail.

Sand Digger Warning

1/2 Brave Enough?

This book can be found in Sunsimmer Souterrain. It’s southeast of Umber Hollow and very west of the Ancient Spire - Kindlewastes Fast Travel. The book itself is under a simple shelter inside the “underground” building.

2/2 From Myrtle

From the first book, head east through the door, go past the Sand Diggers, and then turn left when you reach a dead end. You’ll see a glowing note on the table in the room.

Wolves At The Door

1/2 Fenn, The Wolves Gotta Go

Fenrig’s Farm is the location for this Lore. It’s a bit of a glide from the Ancient Spire - Springlands Fast Travel. The house at the back has the Lore stashed away on the second floor, accessible by ladder.

TIP: Reading this Lore activates a quest which marks the location of the next piece of Lore in this series.

2/2 Fenrig’s Demise

You can follow the road from the farm to Wolf Cave, or you can cut across the grass. Can you guess which one I did? >_> *cough cough* Anyway, the cave is a straight path to the glowing skeleton with the loot: Fenrig’s Axe.

Withered Encampment Note

1/1 Road To The Mark Of Sameth

This Lore is lame. In order to obtain it, walk, glide, fall, jump or crouch your way into the Withered Encampment. This Lore will automatically be obtained when you do. It’s located a little to the west and right in the middle of the Ancient Spire - Springlands Fast Travel and Ancient Spire - Revelwood Fast Travel.

Spitting Plants

1/2 Dear Oskar,

On a table much like any other (it has a lot of bombs on it, I was being sarcastic), this Lore resides. You can find it in Willow Crush, which is a bit of a glide away from the Ancient Spire – Revelwood Fast Travel.

2/2 The Weeds Are Bad Enough!

Another super easy one! Just glide down to Lush Pasture and enter the building with the glowing flame (yours will be much brighter, since I used a torch). There’s even a silver chest beside it. Closest tower is the Ancient Spire – Revelwood Fast Travel.

Welcome to Fort Kelvin

1/3 Welcome to Fort Kelvin!

Located, surprise surprise, in Fort Kelvin! It’s located far to the northeast of the Ancient Spire – Springlands Fast Travel. If you reach desert or the Pillars of Creation, you’ve gone too far to the east. This note is right at the entrance on the bulletin board.

2/3 The Earth Quakes

From the entrance, this tower is to the left (or West) of the main buildings. You can skirt the edge of town and use a grapple to get closer to the tower, if you want to avoid fighting. Inside, one floor up, is a scroll on a table.

3/3 The Vukah

From the tower on the West side of the main entrance to Fort Kelvin, it’s a simple glide across to this run-down, stone building. There is a bonfire between the two buildings, but the tower should be high enough to reach the crumbling fort. The smoke from the fire does block the view, however. Feel free to take a leap of faith or traverse the hill. Once to the double doors, just open them and you should see a much brighter flaming note on a table on the other side of the room (I used my torch to try and help, lol). The map highlights Hill of Scavengers as a reference for where Fort Kelvin is located.

Diadwyn And Its Building Blocks

1/2 Town Of Diadwyn

Cade Hawthorn, the Carpenter, will eventually tell you of Diadwyn. You may have to travel here first, I’m not entirely sure. Either way, once he does, a Quest starts for the Half-Timbered Blocks.

2/2 Half-Timbered Blocks

Right smack dab in the middle of the super tiny town of Diadwyn is a silver chest. There’s also a piece of Lore resting on a nearby chair, out in the open, ready for grabs. Best part? It’s a small glide down from the Ancient Spire – Revelwood Fast Travel. (There's also a piece of Lore on a nearby chair you can grab: Scavengers - Elixir For All - Worth It In The End.)

A Test Of Skill

1/2 A Test Of Skill

Acquire the Hunter in your base, and she’ll give you a quest for Animal Fur.

2/2 Animal Fur Given

Let the Hunter in your base inspect the Animal Fur (in your inventory).

Building Morwenna

1/2 These Lands

Located at Carpentry Camp just outside Morwenna, this note is resting on a table in the solitary tent.

2/2 A Challenging Build

Cade Hawthorn, the carpenter, will tell his tale after completing the first part of this Lore.

Vukah Ceremony

1/2 Vukah Gathering

The Carpenter starts up a conversation about Vukah, likely after you’ve slain one.

2/2 Strength Of The Vukah

On an altar of stone, lays a skeleton with a sword, discarded items, and the Lore to read. Located just outside of the Vukah Ceremony Hill, which is southeast of the Ancient Spire – Springlands Fast Travel.

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