08 February 2024

Enshrouded Nomad Highlands Lore

Written by Sarah-Maree

The following is what I have for Nomad Highlands Lore in Enshrouded. NOTE: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS - I won’t share Lore content, but the titles may give things away, and the photos may reveal things. For an overview of what the heck I’m talking about, click here! Since I found most of these, they won’t glow red in the pictures, but they should glow red, like a fire, for you if you haven’t discovered them yet. If not, I’m sure the game developers would appreciate any feedback or hearing of any glitches, bugs, or malfunctions as this is an Early Access game - in that it isn’t fully finished and they are still working out some things. If you have any questions or tips for me, let me know in the comments! I’ll try to update often and with images to help guide you on your journey.

Nomad Highlands

Amber’s Final Resting Place

1/2 A Chosen Grave Site

To reach this Lore, you’ll pass the second piece first. Starting from the Shroud Root in Jasper Isles in Umber Hollow, smash down the spores blocking an open doorway. Go straight through the first room and then turn left at the open area to see a grave. Interact with the gravestone to obtain the Lore.

Quick Disclaimer, I destroyed the Shroud Root so visibility would be easier.

TIP: There are 5+ pieces of Lore in this area, so keep a lookout! 5 are on this page and one is in the General Lore (Letter From Rochelle Anders - To Father,), and another is on Scavenger Lore (Sister, Sister 1/3 Where Are You, My Sister?).

2/2 Our Dearest Amber

From the Shroud Root in Jasper Isles in Umber Hollow, head through the spores blocking an open doorway. In the first room, turn left. In the next room you’ll find the Lore resting on a table.

Rotting River

1/1 Downstream Of Something Foul

Located in Jasper Isles in Umber Hollow. Cross the bridge from the Shroud Root. There is a note on the bulletin board.

TIP: Across from this Lore is a scroll on a bench (Letter From Rochelle Anders 1/2 To Father,).

Quick Disclaimer, I destroyed the Shroud Root so visibility would be easier.

Lake Of The Nomad Highlands

1/1 Creation Of A Lake

Upon entering Jasper Isles in Umber Hollow, go bust down a door to your left. Inside is a table with a book to read. Quick Disclaimer, I did destroy the Shroud Root, so some things may appear differently for you.

TIP: There are several pieces of Lore in this area, so keep a lookout! 5 are on this page and one is on the General Lore page (Letter From Rochelle Anders - To Father,), and another is on Scavenger Lore (Sister, Sister 1/3 Where Are You, My Sister?).

The Pillars Of Creation

1/3 Vukah Inscriptions

This is located in an unmarked camp, so that’s fun. Near the Pillars of Creation is a Flame Sanctum. East of there, on a lower portion of the mountain, is a small camp. The Ancient Spire - Kindlewastes Fast Travel can be seen WAY in the distance as you enter the tent (not sure if that helps or not).

2/3 Noises!

This one is located on a table just outside of a Flame Sanctum in the Pillars of Creation region. You can follow the road from the first note to reach this one, easy peasy.

3/3 Soothsayer Found

I still remember my angst in locating this one. It’s at the same location as the Flame Sanctum (and the previous Lore). Head to a busted wall, western side, inside the building and look up. There’s a grapple spot that goes to a golden chest. Inside is the item you seek: Soothsayer.

Captured By Lupa

1/1 They Terrorize The Roads!

This one is a bit tricky to find in Lupa’s Lair, but that’s what the guide is for! The location is a bit of a flight from the Ancient Spire - Nomad Highlands Fast Travel, but it works. Once you’re in the lair, head left until you reach the corner of the main building. When you look at it, you may notice a breakable door. Smash it in, and then smash the one behind it too. Inside is a skeleton with the pages of Lore.

“Nursery Supplies”

1/1 Mind The “Nursery Supplies”

At Surat’s Rest, take a left through an Enshrouded cave. It’s a shortcut up to a room with barrels. Keep left as you come out and around the corner will be a ladder up. Straight ahead will be the table with a Lore scroll on it.

Conway Brothers

1/3 Rafa,

The location of this one is the Trade Outpost “Blazing Rock”. It’s located near Umber Hollow in the Nomad Highlands region. The fast travel tower makes this one simple enough to reach, so long as you have the stamina and Updraft skill (under assassin).

Upon entering the camp from the western side, simply head for the bulletin board and you’ll find this Lore posted there.

TIP: Head left of the board to the tents for a piece of Vukah and Wildlife Lore (Vukah Encounter 1/2 Fierce Creatures).

2/3 Fine, I Admit It

Location is Conway Camp in Umber Hollow. For this place, there were two methods I used to get here. The first is to glide in from Ancient Spire - Nomad Highlands. The second is to exit Jasper Isles (screenshot 2), which is a little ways away, and leave the trail. Head straight, but veer to the right. Basically, you just want to get up a hill, and you can walk up above the camp (no jumping required) and then hop down into it.

Once you reach the camp, head into either tent for the Lore. The tent with the silver chest has this Lore.

3/3 Nightwatch

Following the steps from the second piece of Lore in this series, head into the tent with the lame, regular chest to find this Lore on a table.

As Above So Below

1/2 Umber Hollow Rumors

Besides being an easy glide down from the Ancient Spire - Nomad Highlands Fast Travel, this one is pretty straight forward. Head to the Jasper Isles, in Umber Hollow, and defeat the Shroud Root there (or skip it). Then, head straight back, bust down a door, and read the pile of paper on the table.

TIP: This area has a crazy amount of Lore, considering its relatively small location size. 5 on this page and 1 on the General Lore page.

2/2 Crimes Of Surat's Rest

In Surat’s Rest (southeast of the Ancient Spire - Springlands Fast Travel), from the main entrance, head straight back toward the tall trees. You’ll pass a different Lore to your left at one point (Scavengers - Caravan Raid - None Can Fool Me). Past the trees, take the corridor to the right. Eventually, you’ll reach a building with two tall openings and there’s a glowing note to read on a table inside.

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