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24 February 2024

Enshrouded Flame Altar Quests Walkthrough

Written by Sarah-Maree

I tried keeping it sweet and simple, but some of the Flame Altar quests are more complex than others. If you see an error, please let me know, and I’ll work to fix it! As far as I know, the quests below are all that is available until the next update to the game. All images used in this blog post are screenshots from the game Enshrouded.

SPOILER ALERT: There’s no way for me to avoid spoiling game play with the walkthrough.

NOTE: All content below is from BEFORE Hollow Halls Update - version number 510434. Content below is good for anything before March 26th, 2024. Content may still be relevant after March 26th, 2024 - but there may be gaps in the information below as more Lore and Quests were added by developers.

Flame Altar Quests

Claim A Spot For Your Base

I’m going to go a bit quick on this one. From the very beginning of the game - literally as you load in - you’ll have a quest to talk to the flame and start a base. (This doesn’t have to be your main base, but it does need to have a Flame Altar placed here to complete the quest.)

First, talk to the flame in the Cinder Vault (straight ahead). From there, head out of the building and follow the road. It will lead into a mine and out of the Enshrouded area within it. There’s one, maybe two, enemies here. They’re easily avoided and not too terrible to kill.

TIP: There are two pieces of Lore on your path toward your first base (there's more if you wander into Longkeep). General Lore: The Alchemist’s Theories I 1/5 On The Flame And Its Murmurs and the Nobles and History Lore: Drinking Song 1/1 Ode to Pikemead.

Now that you’re out of the Enshrouded area, follow the road and the marker on the top middle bar of your screen (it shows the distance of where you are trying to get to). The road splits off to head into a destroyed castle (Longkeep), but you’ll want to head into the meadowy area to collect stones on the ground.

Once you have enough material, head toward the glowing red point (or follow the orange exclamation point on the bar at the top middle of your screen) toward your destination. Then, craft a Flame Altar and place it by having it in your hotbar at the bottom middle of your screen. The first screenshot below shows what letters or keys to press to enter the menu for World (map), Journal (Lore, Quests, etc.), Crafting, Backpack, Character, and Skills. From Backpack, you can move the Flame Altar into a spot where you can place it by pressing the corresponding number and a left click of your mouse.

After placing the Flame Altar, you’ll need to talk to the flame to complete the quest. It will also start off the next quest.

Find The Sleeping Survivor

This quest is a little more complicated, particularly as there are now multiple paths to take to complete this quest. I’ll do my best to keep it simple!

There are 3 paths that you can take. 1: You can cross Braelyn Bridge (need to craft a grapple hook first). 2: You can travel through the Enshrouded area (there’s a road to follow). 3: Or, you can be chaotic (take whatever random path you feel like).

For the Braelyn Bridge, once you have the Grappling Hook, it’s a fairly simple crossing followed by an enemy on the other side of the bridge.

Taking the Enshrouded route? Follow the path to the right of the bridge and follow it straight across the Enshrouded area (North). Once you make it to the other side, follow the dirt path to the trail that comes off Braelyn Bridge.

After crossing the bridge, take the left path. If you went through the Enshrouded area, avoid the right path and head straight instead. (Going down the other path will bring you to enemies you likely aren’t ready for yet.) Doing your own thing? I wish you luck and loot!

Following the path, head up the hill. You’ll have two Scavengers to fight in this area, followed by one in the Vault, which is straight ahead.

From inside the vault, head toward the smoky red container at the back left. You’ll need to interact with it to move the quest along.

From here, you can teleport back to your first base, talk to the Ancient Flame, craft the summoning staff, and place your Blacksmith. This completes the quest, but talking to him will give you the option to accept more quests. Talking with the flame doesn’t do much, but it’s fun.

Spend A Skill Point

You obtain this quest by talking to the Flame in your base after completing the Blacksmith Quest: Clear The Elixir Well.

Simply open up your Skills (H) and click on a skill you would like to improve (You can only improve the ones around the center for now). Once you’ve picked one skill to improve, the quest will be completed.

The Flame in the Flame Altar congratulates you afterward.

Flame Altar And Base Improvements [1]

From the previous quest, talking to the Flame in your base (the Flame Altar) will once again give you a quest. This time, it wants you to improve your Flame Altar.

To upgrade the Flame Altar, talk to it when it has nothing more to say and you’ll enter the screen below. Click into Strengthen the Flame. You will see the current level, what protection it offers you, and what materials it takes to upgrade to the next level.

TIP: You can see more other upgrades here: Strengthen The Flame.

You can also access this any time under Journal (J) and The Flame.

TIP: Resin comes from chopping down trees (not guaranteed each time). Red Mushrooms are on the ground nearby. Bones and Animal Fur come from slaying and looting animals (neither are guaranteed each time). Shroud Liquid comes from the mushrooms in the Enshrouded area. And the Spark comes from Flame Shrines and Flame Sanctums.

Now, to head out for your first Flame Shrine!

Head into the Enshrouded area under Braelyn Bridge and take the left path at the four-way intersection. There’s a Shroud Spore clouding up the area, so the path isn’t easily spotted.

Keep following the path, and it will curve on you. Follow the dirt path (the safe path) out of the Enshrouded area. Following that, you’ll be above the Scavenger camp of Rookmore. Head into the cave (left of the camp) and up the scaffolding on the other side.

TIP: Rookmore has several pieces of Lore you can find. General Lore The Alchemist’s Theories I 5/5 The Elixir, A Flood Of Woe and To Mend Old Wounds 1/4 A Cold Reception. Scavenger Lore: In Sickness And In Health 1/1 In Sickness And In Health.

Keep following the path until it splits, and then take the westward (right) path onward.

You will come to a very dark cave. Keep to the right, follow the path up, kill or dodge the wolves, and climb up the grate for safety. Follow the path out of the cave.

Upon exiting, there is a Flame Shrine nearby. Head for it, if you’d like, or keep going toward the quest marker. Personally, I went for the easy win. Looting the Flame Shrine will earn you the Spark you need to upgrade your base. As a bonus, the marker on your map will remain so you can find the Flame Sanctum later.

TIP: If you want it NOW, then turn around and head West. There’s no trail between the mountain, but it will lead to one. Take the dirt road south. When it splits, head westward. The trail will split again (forward being a Shroud Root). Take the barely visible dirt path up the mountain toward the Flame Sanctum.

Once you have all of these ingredients, head back to the Flame Altar and click - Strengthen The Flame. This will complete the quest.

Flame Altar And Base Improvements [2]

That’s no typo! This quest is the same name as its predecessor, only this time, the Flame Altar wants to expand the reach of your current base.

Speak to the Flame again, and you’ll likely receive two quests: A Story Of Fire AND A Story Of Rot. So long as you completed the Blacksmith Quest: Clear The Elixir Well, and so long as you defeated the Fell creature there and took its Shroud Core, you can update the Flame Altar immediately. This will complete part one of two.

Simply grab five stones, craft another Flame Altar and place it anywhere it will let you in order to complete this quest.

A Story Of Fire

Talking to the Flame Altar in your base after completing the above quests will trigger this quest and A Story of Rot.

TIP: The end location for this is the same as the Items, XP, and Loot Quest: One Last Journey.

To begin this journey, I suggest going to the # 4 on this list and starting with that Flame Shrine (not the Flame Sanctum). From there, turn around and head between the mountains (it’s the only option besides re-entering the Cave Passage). You’ll come upon a road. Head northward (right).

The road ends in a new road. Head westward (left) toward the town (Peaceful Acres). Again, the road will break off. If you head north, right, you’ll encounter a revival point. Head there and follow the road away from Peaceful Acres.

The road will wind around a lot, but if you keep following it, it will lead to the glowing red, Ancient Obelisk with the reddish pink smoke coming off of it, which is easier to see at night.

Feel free to follow the road or to hop down to the Ancient Obelisk. (The road curves and has another path intercept it, just keep right.) Approaching the Ancient Obelisk will complete the first part of the quest.

Next, walk up to it and press E. The quest is then done!

TIP: Next to the Ancient Obelisk is the Ancients And The Flame Lore: One Last Journey 2/3 Tired and 3/3 Wandering.

Hunter Becomes The Hunted

After completing the Blacksmith’s Quest: The Ancient Spires, the Flame Altar in your base will speak to you of recruiting more people.

Now that the spire is available, feel free to glide most of the way to the Hunter’s location.

If you fall into a chasm of Shroud, head eastward and hug the hill. You’ll eventually be able to walk out, even without a road. From there, head for the marker. If you did better than I did, then just keep heading for the marker. There will eventually be a road you can follow to the location. Once there, just head straight in.

Beware the traps. If you have the Skill Double Jump, at this point, I would suggest using it as it is very useful here (and everywhere). Hopping over the first trap of zapping death, you’ll enter a large area with three options. First, the loot. The left option requires three switches to be activated. The first switch is on a wall nearby. You’ll want a ranged weapon to activate it.

On the opposite side of the room is a gate. Opening it (which requires nothing special), reveals a button activated switch and a room to smash and loot things in.

The third switch is super annoying. From the center of the room, turn around and face the entrance (or exit). You’ll see a glowing switch high up on the wall and a grapple spot. I had to stand on a brazier and jump / glide toward it (and the zappy death trap below). During that jump / glide, I pressed E to begin swinging. This gave me the momentum and height I needed to reach the ledge and the button. It may be easier to aim for the left or right walls as they have metal mesh for climbing. Pressing the final button will open the gate leading to a Gold Chest.

Looting done? Head straight from the entrance. On the ceiling is a grapple spot you can swing from to get across the lava. From there, head left or right, it doesn’t matter. At the top, the doors will open and the Hunter’s Vault will be revealed.

Inside the Vault, head toward the back left and interact with the Vault. It will give you the Hunter and complete the first part of the quest.

From here, teleport back to your base, use your odd wand thing (Summoning Staff) to place the Hunter. Doing so will complete the quest.

Placing the Hunter, Athalan Skree, makes the Flame very happy.

After completing this quest, speak to the Hunter for Growing Stronger Together - a quest to locate the Farmer. This will be a Hunter Quest.

Powerful Alchemy

After completing the Blacksmith Quest: The Ancient Spires, the Flame Altar in your base will speak to you of recruiting more people.

First stop is the Ancient Spire - Springlands Fast Travel. The goal is to reach the dark black fortress beyond the much closer town and church. The starting Glider is not going to get you there. But, there is a break in the hill to head toward. If you land in Harvest Homestead, just head toward the northwest corner. There is a road leading out of town that goes to the Alchemist.

TIP: Harvest Homestead has the General Lore: Seed of Suspicion 1/1 I Buried it Deep. The nearby Woodgard has the General Lore: Gravewalker 1/1 One Foot in the Grave, Hidden Building Blocks 1/1 The Church was Destroyed!, To Mend Old Wounds 2/4 A Refuge and 3/4 A New Season. Plus, there is one Ancients and the Flame Lore: One Last Journey 1/3 My Final Journey.

Just keep going! You’ll reach a dirt road intercepting your own, ignore it for now and keep going. You’ll reach the Vault and some Scavengers. Inside the Vault, you can go either left or right. It doesn’t matter. After that, you’ll reach a new room. There is only down or up here. Going down leads to a Wooden Chest and a Gold Chest. Going up leads to the Alchemist.

TIP: This location also has Scavenger Lore: Scavenger Stash 1/3 Stashed Our Haul that will start the Items, XP, and Loot Quest: Scavenger Stash.

TIP: This area has three Ancients and the Flame Lore: Cinder Vault 1/3 Another Failure2/3 Eureka! and 3/3 Venture Forth.

If you went down, there is a door you can axe apart with a chest behind it. Then there is a walkway with inactive spikes and a Gold Chest at the end. Once you loot the Gold Chest, the spikes become active, so beware!

Congratulations! After going up the stairs, you’ll have a skirmish to reach the treasured Alchemist Location within the Vault. Simply interact with it to obtain your Alchemist and complete the first part of the quest. (Mine glitched and fully completed the quest, but normally you should have to use the Summoning Staff and place him in your base for the quest to be fully finished.)

When you return back to base, the Flame is happy the Alchemist is back.

A Story of Rot

Talking to the Flame Altar in your base after completing the above quests will trigger this quest and A Story Of Fire.

From the Ancient Spire - Springlands Fast Travel, head more northeast toward the marker on your map (or the yellow marker on the top of your main screen). You’ll see a road, follow it east (ignoring a dirt path on the right side of it early on). You’ll pass a house to the left, but further ahead is a dark structure and a split in the road. This time, turn eastward.

After a while, you’ll encounter some Vukah. Keep going and you’ll reach a small area with tents. Head down the north (left) road. When the road splits, head toward the Enshrouded area (to the right / eastward).

Shortly after entering the Shroud, stop and look left and up. You’ll likely see a thin razor or mountain terrain. You guessed it, we’re going off trail. (It’s faster.) Jump along the spine as best you can, but if you fall, try to keep to the right (east). I fell early on and it was a simple enough walk / jump. Keep going up until you reach a flat-ish area. Turn around and look for the spire and your map marker. Down below should be a distant tent. That’s basically your destination.

Glide down, and go read an Ancient Obelisk to finish the quest!

TIP: In the tents, there is an Ancients And The Flame Lore: Obelisk Research 1/3 Obelisk Writing. This then triggers the Items, XP, and Loot Reward Quest: Obelisk Research.


NOTE: All content below is from BEFORE Hollow Halls Update - version number 510434. Content below is good for anything before March 26th, 2024. Content may still be relevant after March 26th, 2024 - but there may be gaps in the information below as more Lore and Quests were added by developers.

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