08 February 2024

Enshrouded Nobles and History Lore

Written by Sarah-Maree

The following is what I have for Nobles and History Lore in Enshrouded. NOTE: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS - I won’t share Lore content, but the titles may give things away, and the photos may reveal things. For an overview of what the heck I’m talking about, click here! Since I found most of these, they won’t glow red in the pictures, but they should glow red, like a fire, for you if you haven’t discovered them yet. If not, I’m sure the game developers would appreciate any feedback or hearing of any glitches, bugs, or malfunctions as this is an Early Access game - in that it isn’t fully finished and they are still working out some things. If you have any questions or tips for me, let me know in the comments! I’ll try to update often and with images to help guide you on your journey.

Nobles and History

A Scattered Legacy

1/5 Siege Report - Day 3

Head northward in the Revelwood area toward the Lore hoard - The Pike region (more specifically Pikemead’s Reach). Seriously, Lore Galore. Anyway, the tower this lore is located in is on the southeastern corner. Grapple up, and climb the gate, and the ladder up to the tippy top. (On your way, you may find the Lore: Fortification 1/2 Citywall Blocks.) Anyway, at the top you’ll find this book resting on a chair.

2/5 The Invaders Have Taken The Square

In Huckster Square of Pikemead’s Reach is Shroud Root. There’s a grate nearby with a skeleton and a note.

3/5 We’re Locked Out

In Pike’s Port, part of the Pikemead’s Reach, head for the sewers. The sewers are located near the Lore: Revelwood - The River Breaks Out 1/2 The Water Rises. If you start from that lore, simply hop down toward that mound with the blue spore tree (near the house to the left of my character). Once on that level with it, you should see an opening into the sewers. Upon entering, head right. There’s a golden chest in there, making it a bit easier to find the body. In order to see more clearly, you may need to destroy those shroud spores.

4/5 We Return To Earth Today

This Lore is in the Imperial Gardens area of Pikemead’s Reach. After opening the gate into this area, which is right beside the northern most Shroud Root, take a right and enter the crypts. This book is located next to a glowing coffin. You may be able to get here faster by blowing up the barrel outside and falling down the hole it creates >_>

5/5 Setting Sail

Starting with the defeat of the creature in The Pike, head into the main hall and work your way outside. Then, head to the middle of the three eastern towers. There’s a grapple up and a plank walkway that goes around the tower. From there, jump down to the sad skeleton and take a peak at the scroll containing her final words.

Love Letter To Queen Jezmina

1/2 To My Beloved Queen,

This Lore is found in the Southern Caravan Camp. It’s an easy glide from the top of the Pillars of Creation. The Ancient Spire - Low Meadows Fast Travel may be close enough for an advanced glider to make it. Anyway, head for the queen’s fancy tent. Don’t be fooled by the other two Lore, this one is tucked close to a picture beside her bed.

TIP: You can also find the Nobles and History Lore Southern Caravan 1/4 Smoke On The Horizon here. The Scavengers Lore Caravan Raid 1/2 There’s Nothing Here!! is also available at this location.

2/2 Don’t Leave My Side!

From the Cinder Vault at the start of the game, follow the path through the cave to Longkeep. In Longkeep, head left until you see a door at the top of some stairs (very early into the area). Behind said door is a letter to read.

Northern Caravan

1/3 Expedition Log #1

This one is a quick glide from the Ancient Spire - Nomad Highlands Fast Travel. The scroll is sitting on a table in the Northern Caravan Camp near the ramp up. It’s a small camp.

2/3 Expedition Log #2

This location is nearly straight east of the Ancient Spire - Revelwood Fast Travel. This Northern Caravan Camp is in the Shroud south of The Pike region. The scroll is resting on a table out in the open.

3/3 Commander Cyrus’s Fate

I don’t want to give away TOO much away, but the pictures for this one are a biiiiiiit revealing. So, from the Imperial Gardens of Pikemead’s Reach, head for castle - The Pike. From the locked gate, turn left and you’ll see a grappleshot up. There are stairs and a door and a whole path that leads up to the part above the gate. Jump down, slay the BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) and loot the remains. You’ll be left with the Lore completed once you claim the Commander’s Ring.

Southern Caravan

1/4 Smoke On The Horizon

Northeast of the Ancient Spire - Low Meadows Fast Travel is a Southern Caravan location. Glide on over and head toward the back left tent. Inside Queen Jezmina’s tent you’ll find a gold chest plus a scroll on a nearby table.

TIP: Beside the bed is also the Nobles and History Lore: Love Letter To Queen Jezmina 1/2 To My Beloved Queen, and the Scavengers Lore Caravan Raid 1/2 There’s Nothing Here!!

2/4 Axe Found

Defeat the Vukah Brawler in the Pillars of Creation (middle of the current map). Then, loot its body to retrieve the item and earn the Lore. I do apologize for my map. It has a glitch where it stays a question mark for this location. I’ve reported it, so hopefully it’ll be fixed - or at least no one else will have the problem.

3/4 Sudden Slaughter

In Hillock there is a tent with a glowing golden chest inside (need lockpicks) and a table with an opened scroll to read.

4/4 An Old Sight, Rediscovered

At the Southern Caravan Camp slightly southeast of Ancient Spire – Springlands Fast Travel, there are four tents. In the second tent on a table is a scroll to read.

Gormander’s Imperial Gardens

1/2 Gormander Watches Over Us

I suggest starting with the second piece of Lore first.

OK! Welcome back! From the Lore below, simply turn around. There’s a nice garden type spot with a giant statue. The Lore is at the base of the statue.

2/2 The Pike Weekly: Nothing Grand About Gormander

There’s a bulletin board in the Imperial Gardens in Pikemead’s Reach that’s calling to you. Not really, but the Lore IS there. You’ll need to open the gate (there’s a button to push or shoot things at) or do some fancy flying and hopping to get into this region. Once you’re past the gate, head left. The first door on your right has the Lore - A Knock At Night 1/1 The Catacombs. Travel a bit further and drop down into the square. Then turn around to see the note on the board.

Caravan To Longkeep

1/2 Survival Depends On Me

After entering Ocean’s Heart from East Lapis, head straight in. There’s a room at the top of the stairs and to the left. Upon the table is a scroll to read.

2/2 My Visit To Brittlebush

This one can be found far to the north of the Ancient Spire - Kindlewastes Fast Travel. The scroll is located inside the Caravan Camp tent toward the back of the cave.

My apologies as the map on this one isn’t great. I have markers elsewhere that may spoil things, which is why I didn’t zoom out. Anyway,  I’ll try to update it after I’ve gotten caught up and can remove some markers.

Recipe For Love

1/1 Grilled Spiced Yucca

Besides finding Emily Fray’s Diary, Entry 3 at this location, you’ll also find a fancy recipe Lore. This one is a bit tricky to get to, if you aren’t looking for it. You can bust through the wall (picture 2) or head left and walk around the bookshelf. Either way works. In the end, there’s a table on the other side with the recipe Lore on it (my torch is under the table in picture 3 to help out). Check out this Caravan Camp, located southeast (by 45 degrees) of the Ancient Spire - Nomad Highlands Fast Travel.

Separated Siblings

1/1 Please Notify The Queen

This one is a bit tricky to get to, particularly if you use a glider. For the lore, head to the loosely constructed ‘tent’ on the right. The note is out in the open and resting on the first table. The Northern Caravan Camp itself is ground level, but around it are massive canyon walls. It is east of the Ancient Spire - Nomad Highlands Fast Travel.

Opening Pikemead’s Catacombs

1/1 One To Glory, One To Ice, One To Rule, And One To Life

So, the title on this is VERY misleading, in my opinion. This is actually at the Mistbury Catacombs. It’s a decent flight away from the Ancient Spire - Springlands Fast Travel. The Lore is one of the easiest ones to get as it is at the entrance of the location. The walls to either side of the entrance have a plaque that can be read. Reading the plaque gives you clues to solving the Catacombs and it gives you Lore.

Drinking Song

1/1 Ode to Pikemead

Straight out from the starting point of the game, the Cinder Vault. It’s after you head left down the steps. Follow the dirt path into the cave and turn left. There’s a dirt wall that needs either dug out or blown to bits (bombs provided on shelf on the left). Inside the room is a silver chest and the lore on a table.

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