08 February 2024

Enshrouded Scavengers Lore

Written by Sarah-Maree

The following is what I have for Scavengers Lore in Enshrouded. NOTE: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS - I won’t share Lore content, but the titles may give things away, and the photos may reveal things. For an overview of what the heck I’m talking about, click here! Since I found most of these, they won’t glow red in the pictures, but they should glow red, like a fire, for you if you haven’t discovered them yet. If not, I’m sure the game developers would appreciate any feedback or hearing of any glitches, bugs, or malfunctions as this is an Early Access game - in that it isn’t fully finished and they are still working out some things. If you have any questions or tips for me, let me know in the comments! I’ll try to update often and with images to help guide you on your journey.


Sister, Sister

1/3 Where Are You, My Sister?

This one was not where I thought it would be, but it’s much easier than the alternative, so that’s a win for everyone! Head to the Ancient Spire - Nomad Highlands Fast Travel and head into Umber Hollow’s Jasper Isles. I would suggest starting off from the Nomad Highlands Lore: Amber’s Final Resting Place 1/2 A Chosen Grave Site. From there, you’ll see a glowing red thing across the Shroud Water. Glide across, snag the item, then go through the door. It winds around a little, but you’ll end up at a cell with the Lore inside. I found this to be easier than entering the way I think they intended.

2/3 A Note To Kendal

Head southeast from the Ancient Spire - Springlands Fast Travel to Surat’s Rest. Located in the far back of Surat’s Rest is an arena, so be prepared for a big battle. Heading to the right from within the arena is a small alcove with the glowing letter. Just head straight back from the main entrance to reach the arena area, you’ll likely pass “Scavenger Loot”, which has a Lore piece, on your way there.

3/3 I Will Reach You

After clearing the prison of Raven’s Peak, there is a letter and a glowing felled Yukah on the other side of a gate. Reading the notes on the table gives you this Lore.

Tanning Station

1/1 Tanning Station Recipe

Located in Lupa’s Lair is a book and an object of worth. The Lore itself is at the far back of the base. Lupa’s Lair is south of the Ancient Spire - Nomad Highlands Fast Travel.

Raven’s Keep Log

1/1 Raven’s Keep Log

In Raven’s Keep, this note can be found early on. It’s located in the top room of a tower on the far left side.

Prison Break

1/2 No Better Than Us!

In the first part of the prison, where the mess tables are for the prisoners, there is a book on a stool. The path above is broken and the stairs leading down have an iron gate around them.

2/2 Glory To Matron Lupa!

This lore is at the same location as the previous piece. After clearing Raven’s Peak, there is a note to read outside on a stone table.

Caravan Raid

1/2 There’s Nothing Here!!

Northeast of the Ancient Spire - Low Meadows Fast Travel is a Southern Caravan location. Glide on over and check out the note on the table!

2/2 None Can Fool Me!

Head southeast from the Ancient Spire - Springlands Fast Travel to Surat’s Rest. Located in the inner recesses of Surat’s Rest is an unmarked location called “Scavenger Loot”. Just head straight back from the main entrance and you’ll find a table with a book to read in the Scavenger Loot area. Look for the tall trees as they mark the area.

In Sickness And In Health

1/1 In Sickness And In Health

Just inside of the Scavenger camp at Rookmore, there is a a path up to a solitary tent. Just beyond a rubble wall, with explosive barrels, is a solitary cabin. Blow the wall to smithereens and lockpick the cabin door. If you don’t have lockpicks, there is a climbable wall on the opposite side that lets you in. From the front door, straight inside, there is the super sad letter.

The Rumors Are True

1/1 The Gorger!

Hill Of Scavengers it is! This Lore is easy to miss if, but only if you don’t explore the earthen tunnel that cuts under the main area. This scroll of Lore is located next to a cage containing skeletal remains.

Scavenger Stash

1/3 Stashed Our Haul

This note can be found on the outside of the Ancient Vault Alchemist. Simply head left up the stairs and keep to the left as you skirt the lava surrounding the small Scavenger tower. There’s a table beside the large fire brazier, and the Lore is sitting on top.

2/3 Sword Found

This part of the quest is completed after opening and looting the glowing golden chest at the back of a small cave (Scavengers Stash). The Wailing Blade (loot item) looks pretty cool. It’s a shame it can’t be upgraded to a high enough level. Scavenger Stash location is mostly due west of the Ancient Spire – Springlands Fast Travel tower.

3/3 The Wailing Blade

After looting The Wailing Blade, get ready for a chat with the blacksmith about it. Talking with him will finish the lore.


1/1 I Will Defend My House!

In the attic of the only large house in Ferndale (north, northwest of Ancient Spire – Springlands Fast Travel) there’s a note on a table (illuminated by my torch in the screenshot).

Playing Pranks

1/2 He’ll Be Down There!

Located in Scavenger Camp WIth Mineshaft. This location is south of the Ancient Spire - Springlands Fast Travel and west of your first base. It’s easy to get to, and the book is to the right of the entrance.

TIP: Stay in the area for the second piece of Lore.

2/2 Curse These Numbskulls

From the first spot, turn around to see a wall that’s clearly meant to be blown to smithereens. Enjoy. Oh, and the note is beside the skeleton and a glowing silver chest on the other side.

A Tower To The Stars

1/1 The Tower Must Reach The Sky!

A scroll rests on a platform that makes up the outer perimeter of the Fawnsong Frontier. You can use your grapple to get up to the platform closest to the scroll if you come in from the southwest side. Fawnsong Frontier is located southeast of the Ancient Spire - Revelwood Fast Travel.

Elixir For All

1/1 Worth It In The End

This lone page rests on a chair beside a tent and silver chest in Diadwyn. This location is just west of the Ancient Spire – Revelwood Fast Travel. (Nearby is also a chest containing Half-Timbered Blocks that will complete a different piece of Lore from Vukah and Wildlife: Spitting Plants - The Weeds Are Bad Enough.)

Royal Investigation

1/3 By Royal Decree

FINALLY! I KNEW THE LORE WAS HERE! Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.

Anyway, head to Pikemead’s Reach, push some button to open a gate near the second Shroud Root and head into the Imperial Gardens. There’s a large tower in the western area. Climbing that makes for a much easier time in finding this house. I fell through the roof, naturally. After all, who needs doors?

TIP: When passing through the gate, be sure to nab the Lore Under Fire 1/1 Ancients Help Us that’s located beside the skeletons on the steps.

2/3 From Investigator Lachlan

Located in Glennwood’s End, this note is on the third floor of a large building – right half tower area. Climbing the stairs reveals two doors, one with a candle and one boarded up. The note is on the desk with the candle. Stay in the building for the next piece of Lore.

3/3 The Crimes of Glennwood’s End

This note is behind locked doors in Glennwood’s End. Simply break into the house on the top of the hill (it’s a large one!). Then make your way to the basement (on the right half). Lockpick the door, and enjoy the Lore within! Note: This is the same house as the previous piece of Lore.

To Dig One’s Own Grave

1/3 Sameth Demands It

Head west from the Ancient Spire – Revelwood Fast Travel until you reach Mark of Sameth. From the entrance, head to the ladder on the right. Past the bonfire is a table with the Lore on it (I used my torch to show the area, there won’t be a torch there).

2/3 We Have Dug Too Far

Following the lowest path (the one on the left), head into the mines. On the first slope up is a repair anvil and a scroll of Lore. (My torch is in the mud next to the spot on the right.)

3/3 A New Leader

Well, this concludes my favorite side story. I really should have seen this coming, lol. Anyway, keep following the same path from the two above and you’ll enter a room with a glowing note of Lore pierced through by stakes.

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