08 February 2024

Enshrouded Revelwood Lore

Written by Sarah-Maree

The following is what I have for Revelwood Lore in Enshrouded. NOTE: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS - I won’t share Lore content, but the titles may give things away, and the photos may reveal things. For an overview of what the heck I’m talking about, click here! Since I found most of these, they won’t glow red in the pictures, but they should glow red, like a fire, for you if you haven’t discovered them yet. If not, I’m sure the game developers would appreciate any feedback or hearing of any glitches, bugs, or malfunctions as this is an Early Access game - in that it isn’t fully finished and they are still working out some things. If you have any questions or tips for me, let me know in the comments! I’ll try to update often and with images to help guide you on your journey.


Skimmer’s Cove Mischief

1/1 Truth Or Dare?

In Pikemead’s Reach, head for Huckster Square and the Shroud Root. From the place where the Shroud Root was destroyed, look up and you may spot a building with a shiny grapple spot. There are stairs nearby to reach it. From the grapple spot, head inside the building toward the glowing scroll.

Fisher’s Tale

1/2 They Live Below!

Be careful here! This Lore is found on docks surrounded by lava in the northern town of White Wind, which is east of the Ancient Spire – Revelwood Fast Travel.

2/2 Glory Rises From The Depths Once More!

Oh, goodness. You’re headed for Shanty Shacks, a faded out text region in the Lore riddled area of Pikemead’s Reach. This northern area of Revelwood oozes with Lore.

Anyway, head northeast from the entrance and make your way toward the Flame Sanctum. This note (and the Lore after this - Skimmer’s Cove Warning 1/1 Good Folk, Heed This Warning:) is on a bulletin board outside of the temple.

Skimmer’s Cove Warning

1/1 Good Folk, Heed This Warning:

So, this is the same exact location as the previous Lore: Fisher’s Tale 2/2 Glory Rises From The Depths Once More!


1/2 Riddle Me This

I don’t know that I solved the riddle properly, but I did “solve” it. Anyway! To reach this riddle, head to Pikemead’s Reach. From there, battle your way to the furthest Shroud Root, push a button, and enter the Imperial Gardens. Or, jump around and glide a bunch to get there.

From the gate, head left. From the bulletin board, which has Lore, you’ll see a garden area with two large houses behind it. Three pieces of Lore are in / around the house on the right. In order to reach this one and the next one in the series, head to the roof. To do that, you’ll want to jump to the roof of the other house from the second floor of the house with the Lore in it. Then, jump back to the Riddle Lore house’s roof OR the third floor. This is the only way to access the third floor. This Lore (Riddle Me This) is NOT hidden. It’s easy enough to find on the third floor. There’s even a large hole in the ceiling to drop down from.

2/2 A Hidden Room

Seriously! This place is SO hidden. Let the search begin! Ok, to be honest, this one was easy. I fell through a hole in the roof and landed inside with the body. Feel free to do the same. If you want to hunt for it, the body loot is on the same floor as the first piece of Lore. It’s behind the wall of the first piece of Lore. In order to reach it, head into an adjacent room, hop over some stuff and you’ll notice a bookshelf blocking a small alcove with another bookshelf. Behind the second one is a familiar red glow. Break it. Break all of it! Or just break the bookshelf. Either way, mission accomplished. OR, take my route and fall through the roof.

Raúl’s Fate

1/1 Veiled In Holy Light

Located within a Flame Sanctum inside the Shanty Shacks region of Pikemead’s Reach (a Lore riddled region) is a note beside a skeleton. The Flame Sanctum is located toward the middle of the four main regions (Pike’s Port, Imperial Gardens, Shanty Shacks, and Huckster Square). The second photo is looking outward from the temple to show what’s around it.

The River Breaks Out

1/2 Yesterday, The River Flooded

In Pikesmead’s Reach, near the docks is Pike’s Port. This note is along the outer castle wall on the western side. Rooftop hopping and gliding helped me reach the spot a second time (the first time I was opening and walking through everything, so I don’t have advice on a  good path to take to reach this one). The second piece of this Lore is nearby, so don’t stray too far.

2/2 The Water Rises

From the first piece of this Lore, you’ll want to jump onto the wooden platform the crane is supporting. From there, grapple up and then take the ladder up to the papers on the table. (This unlocks a quest, yay!)

Under Fire

1/1 Ancients Help Us

This one is located in Pikemead’s Reach. It’s right next to a Shroud Root. I defeated the root first, so you can see the area better. I also opened the gate. And read the Lore… Anyway! When the Lore isn’t read, it’s difficult to miss the red glow next to the skeletons on the steps. The gate leads to a new area of The Pike, so be sure to nab it before reaching the next area: Imperial Gardens.

Tales of Yonder

1/1 Blacksmith Tales

The Blacksmith in your base will get chatty, particularly after running around in Pikemead’s Reach area.

New Storage

1/1 A New Room For Storage

This one is available in Pikemead’s Reach, a region of Lore chaos. Check out the second and third pieces of Lore (below) for Lover’s Quarrel. Starting where the third one left off, head through the doorway and down the stairs to find this book in a kitchen.

Lover’s Quarrel

1/3 Does One Enjoy The Fruit Of The Vine?

This one is all sorts of crazy, so start with the second piece of Lore for this one, then read the third, then from there, come here.

OK! So, from where “Does One Enjoy A Last Embrace?” finishes / ends up, head back up to the grapple spot. From there, look east. That’s the building you want. I glided to the roof of the building on the left first , but you may be able to glide straight to it.

2/3 Does One Enjoy The Romance Of A Stormy Day?

Head to Pikemead’s Reach at the northern end of the map - but still in the Revelwood area. There is A LOT of Lore here. Ok, after reaching the Reach, lol, head into the first building on the right and go straight through. You’ll reach an Enshrouded area with stairs going up. Turn left for a grapple spot. Then, head straight until you reach Shanty Shacks and you’ll find a note in the first building. It’ll be on the left as you enter.

3/3 Does One Enjoy One Last Embrace?

From the previous Lore, head up the ladder in the room, take a right through the opening and head up. From the vantage point, you can see a body glowing in the next building. Loot it for the Final bit of Lore.

A Knock At Night

1/1 The Catacombs

This one is NOT in a catacomb. Instead it’s in the overflowing-with-Lore Pikemead’s Reach, more specifically in the Imperial Gardens section. You’ll need to open a gate (or do some fancy hoppin’ and flyin’) to reach this spot. From the gate into the Imperial Gardens, take a left. Go past the lantern on the wall and enter the first door on your right. Inside is a scroll on a shelf.

TIP: Nearby is the Lore Gormander’s Imperial Gardens 1/2 Gormander Watches Over Us 2/2 The Pike Weekly: Nothing Grand About Gormander

He Who Lives In The Walls

1/1 Bones

Ok, so head to Pikemead’s Reach (in the northern part of Revelwood). Push the button that opens the gate into the Imperial Gardens. (Or jump, hop, run, and glide around to get over the wall.) Travel to the west, (there are a bunch of Lore in that direction too, but I digress). There are two houses side by side. Between them is an alleyway, and behind the stairs is a skeleton beside a barrel with papers on it.

TIP: There are two more pieces of Lore in the house beside the skeleton: Riddle 1/2 Riddle Me This & 2/2 A Hidden Room.

A Rising Tide

1/1 As The Tide Rises

Located in Pikemead’s Reach in the Pikes Port region. Basically along the western wall. This Lore is easiest to obtain if you first snag the Revelwood Lore: The River Breaks Out 1/2 Yesterday, The River Flooded. From the end of that location, glide eastward toward a silver chest (not visible in photo). A beam connects to the landing the second picture was taken on. From there, hop down and enjoy the Lore.


1/2 Citywall Blocks

Head northward in the Revelwood area toward the Lore hoard - Pikemead’s Reach region. Seriously, Lore Galore. Anyway, the tower this lore is located in is on the southeastern corner. I had to use the Double Jump skill inside the tower to reach the lore above me, but if you grapple up, and climb the gate, you may notice a square patch of floorboards on the ground (also visible from the floor with the Lore if you look up). If you have bombs on you, you may be able to break the floorboard and thus fall down to reach the Lore that way. Using a pickaxe didn’t help me, so I gave up and opted for the jumpy jump route.

2/2 Indefinite Abatement

This one may be a bit far to glide to, so I wish you luck in how you placed your Home bases. Located at the Mining Rift, this is an easy grab, once you’re there, anyway. Just run up to the table near the tent and read the book on top.

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